Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Fire Within

Photos are from Melbourne, no more Sydney

So last nights adventure consisted of going to my favourite movie night (oh, I have a few!! But I digress), the movie was The Fire Within by Louis Malle, totally excellent, a black and white from 1963, the score features the music of Erik Satie. holy crap, this was sensational, i remember one of the scenes, the space between teh notes was as great as the notes played, 10 out of 10 to our man Erik!!!

So, Yanush, I think that’s his name and 2 fires going, he asked me if I approved, I told him 'I don’t know if I’m in heaven or hell', it was true too.

When it was all over, everyone said 'Wow, that was amazing', I remember my English Shaman in Bolivia going on about being 'A-mayonased', I once quirted mayonnaise at him too, he didn't get the joke, funny that?

Next week, the movie is by the same director, from the 90's, I can’t wait, we're all systems go for than.

So anyways, I made the journey home, I probably should have gone home after work, but where's the fun in that, eh?
So after 5 glasses of wine, one for the road (oh, it looks like the Feb fast daze are over and now I’m thinking I should give that one the kiss of life, February, you are but a distant memory, multiple entries in my Calender)

So anyways, I went to the Birmingham hotel, they had bands on, I’ve never been before, it seemed logical and it was, you have to try anything once and now since the Tote is closed and student types drink there, no one has mentioned that pub and criminals of recent, I went in.

No, lets do some math, I too out $200 from the ATM in front of the bar, I went in, I was debating whether or not to pay $5 to see the band, it turned out the guy manning the door was also in the next band, he said the next band were amazing, and that might of been the case, but his skills at the sums weren't so hot, he gives me back $65, cool, I knew what I was doing after that.

I was going to invest my newly (short lived) wealth back into the establishment, which I did, 2 pints of coopers, lovely, I was on my way again.

I make it as far as Gypsy, now, if memory serves me, I remember some bits, other bits aren't too clear, do you see what I mean. Now this is what I remember, Suzie is looking at me, somewhat smiling, Brendan is somewhat smiling and Kathy I think is ranting, memory tells me there was a mad woman ranting in the middle, this is what I remember, I swear.

It might have something to do with the hurling, of which she has no interest, so now, my mission, if I choose to accept it is to go on the direction of home at home time and find out what all the ranting was about.

Seems simple enough, eh? It never is, I’d like to welcome ye'all to the Eminem show.

And if you wanted something random, i had a dream the other night, i woke up and i though, that's pretty random, here's what i wrote

This is not a love song

'So you piss so much lately, you must have a massive work load'
(Some chick said to some guy, hanging out by a wall, where people were pissing)
She was dancing with some guy. Ass in his balls

Random or what?

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