Tuesday, 29 June 2010

hello my friend

Photo is from Melbourne, walking home one night

A word from Olaf, my German friend

hello my friend,
nice to hear from you.
you also only travel!nice life.
i am now for afew days on miami and than i go back to germany,after 11 months.
i have to earn money after 20 months witout work.
you now travel is ever year more expensiv and without money no honey.
but on this year on okt. i start my next trip from argentien to venuzuela.
i have agia 8 months to go there.
i pass barasil but i stay more on the nord,you now fortaleza?
mabay meet you on the way.we keep on touch.
than take care my friend,enjoy the life.
the germanyguy olaf
ps.i was travel now with a young guy from melbourne for almost 5 monthts,from mexico to colombien.

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