Monday, 14 June 2010

The Queen can fuck off to Queensland

True story, get ready for it
So, i told a few people this story, happened 10 years ago.

So, i'm standing by a tram stop by Collins and Spencer st, in the city, 10 years ago, with my first ex Claire.

I say 'Thank god for the Queen, now we have tomorrow off for her birthday', i was joking. A guy looked at me, stepped out and uttered these words which i will never forget.
'The Queen can fuck off to Queensland', i was only joking, he wasn't, i was a classic moment in my life.

Speaking of Queensland, i'm in Gypsy bar, i meet one of Bartender Olivias friends, Vanessa, from Queensland, i give her the same line as the guy i met a few weeks ago 'I know one person in Queensland, Josh Donnely', she says 'No, i know a Josh Don-e-ley'.

He wrote a book, i said, she says yes, what it about, something about India i sez, 'I know Josh', sez she.

I text Josh, his reply includes, 'Nes is rad', i was thinking if i saw her again, 'Hey Josh wants that $20 bucks you owe him, and you'd better pay up, now'. It pays to know people, doesn't it.

I'm not if it has paid anyone in knowing me, if it did, they got paid in magic beans, here, take these 5 magic beans and shut up!!!

Last night i saw another awesome movie Lacombe Lucien by the awesome director Louis Malle

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Pri said...

Hey, K!

A few days ago, I sent you an e-mail from my work account. Did you receive it? I'm dying for the answer! =P


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