Thursday, 10 June 2010

Russell Brand and me

If god exists out there and I’m not talking about you,........Super man. I'm talking about all the fictional characters you'll find in the best selling book in the world,

The bible, now, most motels have one, so when you not sleeping of having it off with you neighbours wife, or what ever you might use a motel for (you sick fucker), you might want a read it, and you might need a read if you get through all this, the bible that is.

But anyways, god's coming back it says, somewhere in that bible and I know something you don’t know.

I know who Jesus is, and he looks like him too. It's Russell Brant, he is the saviour of the world. All hail the lord, Halluaja!!!!

I know this, only because I saw him last night, in real life and I did a lot of 'lol', in real life too, which helps, it really does.

I read a review this morning in the paper and it said he played to a full arena with no production and he was in command the whole time, which he was, it was ACE!!!

Russell comes over with his mate, and just when you expect a long haired, thin, tall guy to come out, out a colored, shaved head, not so skinny guy, we were told that Russell was back stage laughing, so we laughed too, but its big gig, his mate is off and the waiting begins.

We see the trailer to his new movie, see the song about saying no to drugs, it's called 'Just say YES'.

So out comes our Russ, he's done a bit of research on Wikipedia; he's not totally ignorant, talks about the Melbourne/ Sydney beef (no vegetarians were hurt) and the strange cousin Canberra, very good.
And when I was thinking about it this morning, he was probable getting 20K a min, to freestyle crap with a page he printed off, let’s do the math

Total effort = none,
Result = the whole place was in stitches!!!

Now I knew Melbourne was founded by John Batman, but he included a few facts that were a first to my ears, like Melbourne was once known as ''Batmania', so he wasn't making it up, read all about it

He was staying on Batman Avenue; it was such a novelty for him

Before all of this, he was in the audience; some woman thrust her daughter at him, for a hug. Russell’s comment was 'Don’t blame me if in 10 months she's got a little munchkin'

One of the last stories he told was how he was having a 3 some with his mate Matt, and he got some sperm on his mates leg, his mate says 'Agh....Russell' then looks at him, then chases around the room masturbating, with some cow in the bed, saying 'Oh, no'.

Too good, not many people could do it and breeze off like that, not many, if any.

Someone else's point of view

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