Monday, 28 June 2010

Sick as a small hospital

Photos are from Melbourne

So, if your going to write something, you should write about something you know about, the only thing I feel competent about writing about, would maybe be how I was sick as a small hospital for the last 2 weeks.

And the funny thing about it all was, it was great, I watched movies night and day, day and night, I did nothing, ate little, had the house to myself, with the heater next to me, lying on the bean bag and I was heaven. Lost lots of weight too. I avoided the internet too, a complete break from the world, it was too good to be true!!!

Now, this bit.

I haven’t been sick, that sick in about 20 years, 20 years you say, yep, 20 years, I had the flu shot at work a few months ago, so you'd be forgiven in thinking it wasn’t the flu, but, I saw a commercial on TV and it went a bit like this.

TV: 'Are you suffering from headaches, pains in your body, congestion'
Me: 'Yes, yes!!!'
TV: You need [insert brand name] cold and flu tablets

I went straight out and got me some of those Flu tablet babies and popped them and felt like a million bucks
That morning I brushed my tongue and I felt like someone picked me out of a grave, just like train spotting, I was on my way to recovery.

But the funny thing was, I used to be invincible, bullets used to fly off of me. I used to chase people down the street, shooting up the whole damn place, not anymore, now I 'm beginning I’m not invincible anymore, I might even die one day, don’t worry, it gets worse, I’m getting old, I really am, I just coming to terms with it all.

I used to be like this guy

So the good thing of this experience was, I completely detoxed, I’m all fine, just about, if my body wasn't so run down from the partying on previous weekends I might not have gotten sick in the first place, I’ve joined the Virgin health club (and since I’m paying, I’m going)

It's the start of a beautiful thing and I’m pretty excited about the gym, it's the best one I’ve seen in a long time

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