Saturday, 5 June 2010

So, let me tell you people something 2

The last of the Sydney photos, i swear!!

One woman asked a question, 'I have a son, how can I prevent him getting caught up on Raunch culture', no one had an idea about this one, but everyone in the room seemed qualified on complaining about it.

I said something about Arrested Development to a serious type, next to me, the serious type gave me a look (not of love) and moved away, fair enough, humour was on holiday or maybe it was lost on these people?

I turned to some people behind me and shared the latest article in Zoo magazine. How to pick up chicks, I instructed the guy, he looked like he was on his best behaviour and I might get him in trouble if I continued.

I instructed the chick behind me, with the well behaved guy, all these people hate it when you poke fun at them, she told me to stop poking her, enough said.
I asked, through the (don’t call me a chick) chick with the mike 'Will all these questions make you happier', the answer of course was to get dialogue going and start the debate.

You had to laugh, I rescued the Zoo magazine, and the MX guide too, they were coming home with me.

I did mention to Matt as Steward and Ami went out the door 'Why do I go to these swinger bars anyways', Ami Steward’s wife laughed outside the bar, I got a laugh, it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Then I was off to Gypsy bar, I told Phil (the guy from Dublin singing and playing guitar) all about it, sitting outside, Phil looked like he might have been attempting to expel hot air from somewhere below his waist line, fair enough, I remember telling him the joy of watching Cork play hurling, you might as well be telling a New Zealander, for all good it was doing him, Phil being from Dublin and in Dublin Hurling becomes the 'Fastest bleedin field game in da woold', when they win of course, which they never do, so I wouldn't say it's too popular, in that part of the country.

Then I popped over to Bar Open, Fiaz came over to say hello after work and drove me home, yet again, I woke up wondering why I wasn't feeling too good, but this is life, isn't it.

And that’s what happened and to Quote Oscar Wild, “All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does.

I don’t give advise, but If I was I would say, ”Suck it up, feminists, get with the program already’, be like mamma and focus your attention to some real problems in life.

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Anonymous said...

left phone charger in town, hope to have it back by monday

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