Friday, 4 June 2010

So, let me tell you people something

A history lesson from Erskinville, Sydney, something real, the writing is a bit faint, but worth reading, if you can make it out.

The location

So, I had multiple options yesterday, I could have went to some Existentialist meeting or Trivia in the Standard bar, dinner with that chick in the Burmese kitchen, wasn't really an option, she was really busy, for real, next week is better, me too, me too.

Do you see where I’m going with this, I had options, Stewart says, 'There's a writers meeting in the Fox at 7pm', the Fox being a bar my mate Matt (the one I’m not allowed to talk to, he was so mean to Kat, so much for love, it's in the grave, I told him too in from a bunch of feminist's and he didn't see to give a fiddlers fart? Por que? )

Do you like history?

Stewart is going to the talk, with wife Ami, she told me she was smarted than a AMI Smart meter, and I believed her. I payed for a ticket, $5, thank you, I took the ride, and somehow, part of me wishes I didn't, but it's given me lots to write about, is that such a bad thing?

Here's what went down, take for example a bunch of white, privileged, college educated, mostly women, no kids, didn't want to settle for second best and end up like mammy, not too many men banging on their door (let me in!! We should be together, I want your daughter's hand in marriage sir), no those words would never reach these goddesses ears, unless they lived in an apartment and the walls are too thin and everybody these days does and such abodes you could hear someone’s dog sneeze.

They had a panel, one guy a blogger, someone wrote a book, introductions were done, words like amazing and beautiful were used
Thanks was given to the original Aboriginal land occupiers, thanks from me too, and they were off

What was it about? It was about 'Raunch culture', (Crowd gasps, shock horror!)

Where do I begin, a Zoo magazine was produced and passed around, "Oh, I wouldn't touch that', they said, Then the MX magazine was passed around, featuring a fine chick, that got her botched stomach staple job redone, and she didn't look too bad, didn't look like she wolfed down too many steak sandwiches (I was guilty of the latter, the former, no)

So the Zoo magazine makes it's way to me, lovely, I have a look, it's best to keep an open mind on these things, and it was quite enjoyable, I quite liked the pictures on ass tattoos, before I knew nothing on the subject, now, I would feel quite confident to converse with a fellow colleague, if that subject ever came up in conversation, see what I mean? I learnt something and I was entertained.

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