Monday, 7 June 2010

Truth is stranger than my reality

Mark Twain
'Truth is stranger than ficton, after all ficton has to make sense'

'Gawd, women are mad, Cork ones are the worst', myself and Waterford Dave were thinking, going into Gypsy bar on Friday night.
Before I left work, I called Steve from the Gypsy bar, he didn't know anything, about as much as myself either, and he promised he wouldn’t tell anyone, I could see Kathy myself and sorry it out, that was fine.

So in we went to Gypsy bar and I ask for Kathy, I ask Suzie, Suzie says Kathy's not there and to Suzie's recollection, Kathy never said anything to her about any run's in with me, that’s ok, maybe it's just the calm before the storm, was there trouble in paradise, I go on my merry way with Waterford David, I would come back to this one.

I was pretty sure I’d have to do a lot of apologising, maybe grovelling, and not push any more of Kathy's button's, since I’d pressed some 'Mutually Assured Destruction' button and everything had blown up, MAD, isn’t it?

The next day anyways, I’m passing Gypsy bar, I see Kathy, so I call in and ask her what the hell she was shouting at me for? And Kathy starts off telling me she hasn't seen me in 2 weeks, everybody kept asking her why she was shouting at me, which seemed true, it seemed real to me, but I guess I was sick as well, which I was, point of information
(Note to reader, this didn't stop me from drinking 5 glasses of wine and 2 pints of coopers on Thursday night, I apparently bought Steve from Gypsy bar a beer, don't remember that either, signs of old age here folks?)

On Sunday, I see Suzie and I tell her, I think I’ve finally gone MAD, when I have dream's of Kathy shouting at me, which is funny to me, a bit like when my sister shouts at me, nothing to be taken seriously at all, a bit of a laugh, I tell Suzie, 'I might as well go ahead and buy Kathy a house and get it over with', sub concise, what are you trying to tell me? Are you winding me up?

Now that I’ve made a full recovery, I’d like to put it down to all the ginger I consumed, when you can get a Kilo of chopped ginger for $6, the logical thing to do I eat it, and it is good for you too, what will they think of next?

So, this dream might differ from Martin Luther King's dream, and no one got killed, least of all I, so it was all cool and Kathy gave me a beer and we were all best of friends again when we all stopped laughing.

And anyways, Martin Luther King, didn't have his famous 'I have a dream' dream, he go the idea from a mother of some kid who wanted her kit to play with other kids of any color

So, to recap, the dream, it was something about Kathy telling me she didn't care about hurling and me telling her she must already be from Leitrim if she didn't like hurling.
I've already told her she must be from Leitrim, she thought that was funny, funny eh?

Suzie on one side not saying much, Brendan on the other said, 'Ah, come on now Kieran' and he walked out for a smoke and some mad woman in the middle, I assumed it was Kathy, and by assuming this did I make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me', now you've spent the last 4 minutes scratching you head, why don’t you tell me?

Good job I don’t dream very often, it was a good laugh though!

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