Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tuesdays gone and i'm going to the Gym now

Photos are from Melbourne

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson
“If you encounter someone who’s acting like a fool, there’s a good chance that person is suffering from sleep deprivation.”

So, in keeping with the 'New Change' I was looking for, I joined a gym, the Virgin one in the city, the best one I have ever seen, went on Saturday, Sunday and yesterday I got a program for myself, I was shown the machines, and how to use them, the chick that did the program for me Claire, is dating a guy who was born in the old country, but grew up here, the parents still have the Irish accents, so I was told that’s how she understood me, lucky girl.

We were getting on like a house on fire

I've only been here on and off for 10 years, I mean if people can’t understand me now, what the hell am I doing?

So later I walked back, as I used to do for my exercise, on my way I met my new buddy from Brisbane Andy and his friends, it was his girlfriend's birthday, so I was invited in for a drink, and I was never one for saying no, good company and a glass of wine, how can you say no?

Would you like a slice of carrot cake? Why not, how could you turn that offer down, I did recant my love of chocolate + crisps + beer. Cake and wine works too, and to prove it, I finished off the cake that would of ended up in the bin, maybe not a good substitute for dinner, but beggars cant be choosers?

Oh, as you can see, I got a new banner ad, I had the Salsbury slaved away at it, and being a perfectionist, and we did it again and again, until it was perfect.

Actually it was good the first time, Matt put the three Ellipsis in '...', since I sometimes have so much to say, I asked Matt to give me 6 Ellipsis, '......',

Not using Ellipsis correctly could be actually be insulting, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. It's a good job people don’t understand me half the time and don’t know what to make of me the other times, especially Tuesdays

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