Saturday, 10 July 2010

All the other things that made up the week, before the weeks end.

So, I had lunch with Cassie Burke today, the very same Cassie that kicked me off her Fail book for making an inappropriate comment when someone posted a crude status on her behalf, when she forgot to logout of her Failbook, that will learn her, so now we email or I talk into my Get smart talking shoe (that's not a shoe and fits snugly in my pocket).

Now she can laugh, she wasn't laughing then.

Anyway Cassie was telling me about this 'Seat belt ad’ that made her cry. I'm told it's very good and if I could view YouTube at work, I might even agree with her, so here's the video, I’m hoping it's the right video and not Cassie seeking revenge!

Seat belt ad from Cassie Burke

If that link is for some gay guys having it off with each other, blame Cassie.

Now this, since I’ve a bit of an addictive personality, this documentary hit a chord with me, I went home last night to see part 2, it's called 'Addiction'

In Buddhism, they believe you can be you can be attached to your own thoughts and opinions, so it comes in many forms and disguises, everybody has their thing, it was interesting to see people in Rehab, the process involved then leaving and relapsing and seeing what that meant, they were there for drugs, couch medicine, alcohol, gambling ect.....

Another one of their belifs is their defination of 'Love', no chick could possibly understand this one

Love = Wishing others to be happy.

Hey Amy Winehouse, get back here till i tell you this!!
One of my friends that checked themselves into Rehab was telling me about 2 rich kids in rehab that were there because their parents sent them and were there to get better, to go back out and chase the dragon again, private school kids, unbelievable!!

I've turned into a bit of a gym junky, it's a good habit I will admit, I’m interested in seeing how fit I can get in 2 weeks of applying myself and it seems to be paying dividends, so why stop there?

So last night I went out, after the gym, to meet John Birmingham that wrote the book 'He dies with a falafel in his hand', it's about a guy that dies of a heroine overdoes in a squat, in Kings Cross, what he'd be doing with a Falafel is anyone’s guess?

Here are some quotes from the movie.

John Birmingham was there for a bit, just as he was talking to our group, a bunch of Americanos had some guy logging in through Skype, very American indeed and he was dragged away and he was off for Dumplings, which are so fashionable right now, and fit nicely in your hand, you could have one in each hand and be not too greedy.

I was telling Steward/Wife and company last night about the new gym i joined, I threw this bit in.
The Sauna isn't that great, I mean they don’t have many hairy guys that give you little back massages and rub you all over, and nibble you on the neck and when you come out you feel link a load has been lifted

You should have seen the eyes darting around the room and looking down; it was laughable, very funny indeed.


Birmo said...

Yeah, sorry, I meant to get back to your table.

Fucking dumplings.

Diana said...

I'd only ever seen the movie, years ago. Now I can go out and get the book, I was just thinking of what I'd read next. Thanks Kieran!

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