Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Banging again, the words, not the guns!!!

The videos are from the summer time, the Victoria night market

So, not many words were 'Banged out' yesterday, I spent too much time waiting for the words to come to me, in the end, nothing came in the end, Elvis had to leave the building, no Encores, I don’t do them, Elvis didn't, Eminem does, (but only to shoot people, but you need to listen to his album Encore to understand that bit)

Maybe I have some kind of documentation dysfunction? I made a request for suggestions, the story kind to explore, 'Getting old?', nope, I’ve already done that to death, I’d rather forget about getting old and get fit, who said 'Buff'?

I'm getting fit now, the overall health is improving. My one problem is the one class I do want to do at my new gym is constantly booked out, so now, today I’ll be doing a third RPM (spinning cycling) class in 3 days. If three classes in 3 days doesn't get you fit, or kill you, nothing will, not for the faint hearted.

I was reading the Mx guide (free magazine people read on the train) in the pub, with my $10 steak (yummy) last night. One of the stories that got my attention was of a baby that was rushed to hospital, the tests showed he was high on coke, he was chewing a bit of tin foil at home, cops were called, the parents busted.

You could add that to the dangers of having sex (not like there wasn't enough reasons), or is it an example of young versus old gone wrong?

Ok so, getting old? Trouble understanding the kids? Maybe you got a girl that sends you an occasional SMS and you’re too old to understand half of what the lingo is (and you wonder why people can’t just write what they mean?
Look no further, help is here

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