Monday, 26 July 2010

The best movie experience of my life

These were my words, after the movie 'Psycho' with the full orchestra ended, by that time my brain had recovered from all the destruction that occurred the night and some of the morning.

But a smoke and a chat to my absentee housemate Naomi was too irresistible. So after washing clothes, getting food at Gypsy bar, off I went to see the movie.
Leaning back on the chair was about all I was able for, maybe slouching, I know I’ve seen part of the movie 'Psycho' before, but the ending was spectacular, it was one of those once in a life time experiences, but if you live in Melbourne, it was yet another thing you can see, that you shouldn't miss and I’m glad I didn't.
So after the movie, Fayez was supposed to come around, but a lack of funds prevented this for him, not me, I went to the Workers club to see a band, and I was joined by the Australian, AKA Sydney Luke, he bailed early, I was near Yeah Yeahs, so I went to Gypsy and then Bar open, it was fun.

I was going home at 3am (pretty respectable for me), until some guy said, 'Hey mate are there any night clubs around here', so I sez, 'There's Yeah, Yeahs', and before I knew it, I was going too. Strictly as a wing man, within 20 minutes he had some chick pinned against the wall, and there was me thinking he had a lot of interest in her mouth, maybe he was dentist workaholic and didn't know how to relax, off the job?

So, Sunday, I went to the Fitzroy artists market to get a stall holder Nina, to fix my necklace, I seem to spend so much time hanging out with her, because of my necklace, linky repair jobs, we could be considered an 'Item', but the only item that concerns me is getting my necklace that Tulassi (my English Shaman made for me as a protector to fix for me, it would appear I need more protection that my Foo Dog tattoo and condoms, at certain times?)

Other kinds of protection

The Australian AKA Luke was telling me how when he goes to the gym, it’s very personal for him, he doesn't like talking to anyone or going to any classes on offer, I don’t understand this logic, but it would explain a few odd balls around the place

So Sunday, I went to the gym, for my sins, before it closed, had Vietnamese in Richmond and went to see a Film festival movie an English bird getting kidnapped, which was excellent.

Her daddy paid the 2 million ransom, the kidnappers kill each other, for the life of me, I don’t know why daddy bothered paying, he already cut her out of the will (probably for good reasons) and she had a look in her eye like she was going to keep the loot as she drove home to daddy, with the kidnappers dead in her rear view mirror.

And they all lived happily ever after you say? Probably, but after more twist's and turns than a road in west Cork
Egocentric is a word I learnt yesterday flicking through the newspaper, my brain says, 'I can apply it to a whole nation of people', I told a chick on the tram that last night that was going to Belfast on Tuesday, surly not she was saying, sorry England, but that's just how it is.

Oh yeah, and one other thing, I over heard one of my neighbours say (and I don’t think is was the gay neighbours) say.
‘Do you know when you put your dick in one of those holes’
Referring to toilets, glory be to god, whats the world coming to?

That is the only thing I heard, nothing before or after, and it’s hard to not and piece the full picture of what the story was, wether you want to or not, and I tried, I really did!

As long as i can be protected from myself, i think i'll be fine

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