Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Better late than never......they say, question is 'Who's they?'

I'm a bit late this month, but that's ok, I’m not a chick at least I hope I’m not, but I do try getting in contact with my feminie side, and I do look pretty in pink.

Mr Hare was a bit late too, i wasn't the only one

I saw these movies last week, and they were pretty good, it was at one of my favourite long running movie night called 'Splodge'

The funny thing is, I told a friend about this movie night and he burst out laughing, it turns out the first porn magazine he ever saw (this was way before the internet and porn was a hard thing to come by for young boys that wanted to be older, but not that old)

Anyways the magazine was about women (it's always about them, they are an important part) getting 'man juice' squirted in their eye (ouch!)

The first was.....

A boy and his horse
Kieran says:

It did show the young kid stealing money from a table, which would have made the kid a thief, but he went back to the table and put half the money back, which would indicate to teach kids, it's better to be half a thief than a corporate whore and take everything, I felt like I was really maturing on the inside folks!!

Then the kid and his buddies break into some garden and steal the horse, which make them no better than a bunch thieving gypsies, if it was the wild west they could have been lynched, horse and all!!


Max Hare ( - the name is a pun on that of the famous boxer, and some-time bit part actor of the period, with a, likewise, cocky personality, MAX BAER - BAER, today, is arguably better known today for siring MAX BAER JR., the actor who played JETHRO BODINE on the classic TV series THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES (1962)

Kieran says:

It's pretty much what I expected, but I didn't know the bit about the Hillbillies or the Beverly hills bit MAX BAER bit.


Kieran says:
Vaudeville, slap stick stuff, nothing new, a lot of Charlie Chaplin Jackie Gleason sort of stuff

Malachy Mc Court, brother of Frank once threw Jackie out of his bar in New York, imagine this? The most famous comedian TV personality in the US is thrown out of an Irish pub in NY; it would have been a strange sight indeed?

Kieran says:
I don’t think I’ve ever see a whole episode, so this is the one I will tick off on the list of things I need to do before I finally croak, and maybe I’ll get a kiss from a princess?

Now to one of the weirdest movies you will see in a long time, the script must have been written by a bunch of (lord of the flies) 10 year olds (mob rules!)

Review says:
THE PHANTOM EMPIRE! - well, that's how the title on Splodge's print reads, but, in fact, this is not the famous Mascot Pictures' 1935, 12 part, SciFi/Western crossover serial of that name, but the 1940 feature-length cut-down of it ( - also known as MEN WITH STEEL FACES, or RADIO RANCH).

Singing cowboy, GENE AUTRY, popular radio entertainer, broadcasts a daily show from the Radio Ranch - the Ranch's band are called The Beverly Hillbillies! His contract stipulates that he must never miss a program, or else he'll be immediately cancelled.

Unknownst to GENE, though, the Ranch sits atop the fabulous underground city of Murania, whose Queen Tika zealously guards the scientific secrets and rare elements therein. AUTRY has to save Radio Ranch from unscrupulous land-grabbers trying to get to a secret uranium deposit on the property. The people of Lemuria inhabit the advanced underground civilization (also called 'Mu', for short) - which can be reached only by an elevator which opens up somewhere near the uranium deposits on Radio Ranch.

The villains know about it, though, and want the yellow cake, and do all they can to force GENE to miss a broadcast, so they can conquer Murania without interference. GENE is aided by a group of talented youngsters, known as the Junior Thunder Riders - the Muranians are aided by a gaggle of robots wearing tin cowboy hats.

The Muranians have lived 25,000 feet below the surface for the past 100,000 years, creating a technologically- advanced city, which includes the dodgy-looking worker bee-type robots with little steel hats and little steel noses. They don't mind swinging an axe - or attempting to burn the face off our hero, GENE. These machines certainly weren't originally built to harm tho - the robots used were constructed for an earlier movie called DANCING LADY (1933), in which they were part of a dance sequence!

Very high tech stuff here!!

Kieran Says:

And that was my night last Monday night, I was glad it was over, the end of the movie had more twists and turns than a labyrinth, who ever was responsible for the screenplay was completely insane, i'm hoping it was a room full of monkeys trying to bang out some Shakespeare!!!

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