Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Dr Zhivago, I give up, i'm glad Boris Pasternak didn't give up

So, my brave attempt to read one of my favourite movies as a book, Dr Zhivago, I get flash backs of a guy in Bolivia, his quote was 'Why read the book, when you can watch the movie', there is some truth in this analysis now, I though it was funny then, now I’m thinking he had a point.

I had great intentions, but the truth now is, I’m not sick anymore, so lounging around the place watching movies and reading on the bean bag is really not an option anymore.

So, my friend Steward gave me 2 of John Birmingham's books (John do you have Google key words on, you getting this plug?) that you could read sitting on the toilet, not because they would help any process along, but because they are short (and no pictures, boo hoo, a picture tells a 1000 words for gawd's sake!!)

So, my literary ambition has taken a bit of a dive, I really wanted to read Dr Zhivago, but with the gym time I’m putting in, it wasn't possible, I will return the book from whence I found it.

I might even try and find the movie, after the gym, all I’m fit for is lying on the bean bag and watching the box and I don’t care, I like it (and I think it likes me too!!)
I don’t have to be anywhere, or go anywhere, where I am is fine, I’ve done everything else, except get fit, and maybe a bit buff (with 2 f's, did you see that)
But anyways there is a CIA link (VIA hyper link, pretty nifty, eh?) of how this novel got published, cold war stuff (and i'm not just talking about the Melbourne winter)

It's short and sweet and worth a read, there you go, i will attempt this novel again, for what i read, it was great, i gust didn't have the time it deserved.

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