Friday, 30 July 2010

If you were my girlfriend...........

So, it's the music round of the Trivia night, last Wednesday, just before everything went mad and the bad chemicals kicked in my head.

The bad chemicals, of course being in reference to when my Mr Hyde, my Doppelganger comes on to play, and did he, it was all legal and maybe kosher, so far.
Back to the El Story Rory, So, it's the music round of Trivia, it's getting a bit tense, everyone looks a bit nervous, and my brain decides to take the tension (nothing far) down a notch.

So out comes my Pizza, very nice and only for $5, how could you say 'No' or 'Non', if you were French, no?
The song everyone was trying to recall was some White snake, Alice Cooper cock rock song, so I sez to the girl as she puts it down in front of me, 'If you were my girlfriend, we would make out to this song every night', the whole table is in hysterics, the girl looks up and says 'That’s actually really funny', and it went on from there.
But that was then, this is now, so what's happened between then and now, you say? Well, this, the new Apple G4's are now on sale last night at midnight, I found this because as I went to the El Gym around 5.30pm, a queue was being formed (they are so civilised here in Australia, the wild west days are no more) and all these dickheads were being civilised, in a straight line up the road and when I came out of the gym, they were around the corner.

When I came out of having noodle soup, they were around another corner, I saw one guy on his G3 iPhone in the queue, another guy was on his apple laptop, on my way into see the excellent movie 'Lola' , as part of the international movie festival.

In the permanently flooded district of Malabon in Manilla a grandmother (or lola in Tagalog) grieves for her grandson, murdered by a thief. The thief’s own lola collects money to help her grandson avoid prison. Connected by crime, two resilient women find themselves linked inexorably to each others’ fates.
The Philippines’s most prolific contemporary auteur, award-winning filmmaker Brillante Mendoza (Slingshot, MIFF 2008) offers up a poignant slice of social realism, a neorealist-influenced take on the strength of family, the wisdom of age and the sacrifices made in the name of both.
The queue for G4 iPhones was around more corners, you know how corners are, I don’t need to draw you a map and when I closed my eyes (both at the same time) those same enthusiasts (dickheads that require a real life) were still there, night night dickheads!!

I wonder if any of the proud to be iPhone G4 owners had girlfriends? Did they smoke cigars afterwards? Or did they have any problems getting cell phone reception. Who would you call after buying a G4 after midnight, would you call a taxi to get home or order pizza when you get home after getting one of the many taxis on the street?

Apparently you get better reception if you hold it differnt, maybe if you held your cock differnt, you'd get better reception too, or maybe people wouldn't keep asking you to 'Please leave now'?
Not that you need any of these things to enjoy life, I do remember watching the movie thinking 'God, I really love life right now', which I strange I know, because I’m a bit of an Atheist, by intelligent design?

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