Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I'm not crazy, I’ve just been in a bad mood for about 30 years

All cartoons are by Fred Negro

So, what was it i wanted to talk about today, some would say 'Rant', maybe i could do both, Rantalk, maybe i'll have to refine that idea a bit before making it public, i think i'll put it back in the box for now.

Anyways, as an ongoing project i've been reading my writing's of old, and getting the odd laugh, some one wrote something in my notebook when in was in Bolivia, who ever he was, Interesting fact, which might be interesting, but not necessarily true anyway he wrote

'If you teach a spider monkey to masturbate, he will do it until he dies´

In other news, Matt put me on to this site it's one of the funniest i've seen so far, only coz he's not trying at all 10 out of 10 for effort, and how can you fail if your not trying to be funny and everybody loves it!!

Now for the meat and potatoes (vegetarians can eat potatoes, i cater to everyone here!!) story

So i was walking to work this morning, i never get the tram through the city, you never know when you'll encounter ticket inspectors and they love the city, maybe they just want to be close to where they can get a good latte?
Going out of the city, fine, coming in to the city, fine, in the city you get a fine, and that's fine for you, not for me. Fine?

Anyways i saw the Inpress magazine, ant it's become a ritual for me now reading the Fred Negro cartoon strip, one of the few guys keeping it real in Melbourne and his cartoon always cracks me up!!

Anyway Fred's cartoon strip is about his life, whaty happened during the week, and your noboday if you havent been drawn in it and if you complain about it, he'll mock you next week.

My mother and sister Susan met him after the St Kilda festival when they came over, i saw him years later and i told him, 'My mom met you, she said your a very nice man', his reply was 'I am', and he is too, he was telling the truth!

I was out with David Noone, in the Pint on Punt a few months ago, who was at the bar, Fred Negro, serving $6 Yeager bombs, i had a few and before long, it was time to go home.

Fred Negro, was running a Kooky Karaoke night in Malven, it was all going well until the residents and traders complained he was attracting undesirables to the neighbourhood, which tell you a little bit about the people that reside on the other side of the Yarra river.

He once had a bet with a bar man in the Prince of Wales, the bet was to have a band that's name was so offensive that no one would print it and no one would display it.

The nice man Fred Negro, he really is, say hello to him if you see him!

The name? The Fuck Fucks. That must have been a long time ago, a few years ago, a band used to regularly play a bar in Fitzroy, the bands name? 'Jihad against America', slightly more offensive with everyone and their dog using the word and there was no point in ducking and covering either.

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