Friday, 23 July 2010

Is this the hardcore Melbourne?

So anyways, I went to see Bill Bailey, he was interesting for sure, he looked like a very pleasant white skinned Klingon, he wasn't so much funny and told me and the others occupying the sell out performance, interesting 'things' and I was amused, even entertained.

And he had guitars, he talked music, politics, the show was about 'Doubt', there was no doubt in my mind from the word go, he knew where things were going and it went.
One of the things he said about music, is that 'Music is individual, it's not about being the best, it's about you, and it’s your take on it' and I might be para phrasing a bit there, but not much.

One of the doubter's he did mention was of Thomas the douber

Thomas, looking at Jesus wound, he didn't believe that he could survive it, doubter? No, Thomas the realist i think, they didn't have tank engines in those days either, can you believe it?

Thomas has a look

Apparently he was a doubter for not believing everything he was told, and they probably didn't even have the 'Herald sun'  in those days, what did they wrap their fish and chips in then, I can hear you say? God knows?

Random update, my team lead starts telling me this story

Bill does 2 encores, everyone leaves, most people leave and just as the majority have left, a with Klingon head stick out and says ‘So, is this the hardcore Melbourne’, and out he comes again, i hate queuing up and waiting, maybe I should have pointed this out to him, but I was happy to be mistaken for hardcore.

Everybody ‘hardcore’ that wants gets a fist row seat, gets one, me too, he does a few songs and off he goes, show over, the end, a very entertaining night indeed and I learnt lots of random things like Charles Darwin, studies Barnacles after publishing his theory of evolution, he asked if anyone knew about them, some chick said ‘They’re molluscs’ anyone else he sez, some guy said their penis is 9 time’s the size of their body, he’s impressed, a very learned audience.

He was telling the same story in Scotland, to fishermen, and asked the same question, some old guy said, They stick to boats’, anyone else know anything about Barnacles? A voice down the back says ‘Tell him nothing!’, I had to laugh.

Another random gig, there was a Barnacles expert in the audience, Bill says ‘You must me the top expert in the world in Barnacles?’, after quizzing him, he says ‘No, no’, ‘Your in the top 3 then?’, ‘Yes, yes, I would be’

There was a bit about some philosopher that was a vegetarian because he thought animals were trapped troubled souls

Back to the story.........
Later I get out of the Bill Bailey gig, I’m a bit hungry, so I go to Mc Donald’s across the way, but I only have $5.50, I get a small cheese burger meal for $4.20 and add bacon for a cool $1 and give the change to some charity, good deed of the day done right there.

I can eat like this guy

So I’m doing my impression for the fantastic Mr Fox eating the purchased food with the condiment of my choice, ketchup or tomato sauce as they call it, down under and it was retrieved from 'Down under' the counter, is there a connection I wonder?

So, just then I see my tram, the 96 comes, I grab my bag and get running, I run for the tram, and other's are running from other directions, they get on, just as I get to the door, the tram take off and I feel like the fat kid that comes last and there is a lion at his heels, it was laughable.

But since it was a nice night, no harm done, I was by the sea, night time, not a bad place to be, so I walk a few stops, to get the next tram that will be along, in about 20 minutes.

Then a 'P' (provisional) learner kid is out driving daddy’s new pick up truck with his friends and looks out at me and says 'Hey' and flips me the bird, thinking he was cool, totally random, I had to laugh, it wasn't the kind of thing you'd expect for a Tuesday night? But there, that's how it went down.

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