Thursday, 29 July 2010

It would appear the Gremlins are at it again in the city!!!

The Gremlins movie is playing at the Melbourne International film festival. It's the only logical reason I can think of why half the city was late for work now? If not, how were so many people late for work yesterday?

It would appear, most people don’t understand, it's better to work where you live and not spend hours on a train, boo, hoo, the choo choo was sick and late, I don’t feel sorry for any of ye. You live in the country, get a job out there!!!

A very sick train

Leave us city people alone, I don’t the city smelling like a farm? We have boutiques, Botox, lattes and we like it that way!!

It would appear people shouldn't be complaining about Gremlins or trains being late, as much as they should 'Demand', yes I’m bring out the 'D' word and get a note for their boss, and it should read like this

'Kieran was late for work today, because a possum stepped on a wire that should have had a piece of plastic wrapped around it, you can get that plastic in any hardware store for a $1, but we didn't find until it was too late, and now, all those spreadsheets of productivity will take a dive like the BP stock chart or maybe that guy that Danny Green was swinging handbag's with last week, but now you know something we always knew, the whole network is knackered, but don’t worry, it's going to get worse'

Well anyway, they should demand on of these letters, much like you’d get off of your mummy; they get one of these letters in Germany when trains are more than 5 minutes late in German, why not here.

Australians are far better than Germans and Gremlins (but Gremlins are funnier than all of them put together and far less annoying)

After all, Australians that are 20 years old, behave like they are 20 years old, or younger, if you not looking for romance, this is all good, if your a guy like me (and i'm a guy like me)

As I was telling a girl i work with, Deb, about the Germans I met in Brazil, Porta Seguro, while she was out having a cigarette, she didn't need to know any of this, somehow i thought it would make her a happy person?

These Germans in Brazil were, like 19 years old and they behaved like they were 70 years old, everything was planned, breakfast was planned, each spoon to their mouth was executed with precise efficiency, this nearly drove me absolutly crazy!!

Steward was telling me about the Lemmy (from Motorhead) movie as part of the movie festival. I was telling him about the same Germans, but with a Motorhead touch.

The Ace of spades

One of the girls I stayed with in Vitoria (Brazil) gave me a copy of her favourite Motorhead album, 'The Ace of Spades' she liked getting drunk listening to this, very Rock and Roll, i like!

Anyways the Germans were getting sick of listening to my Electronic music, especially the first thing in the morning. So I said, ok, I’ll put on an album for ye, I put on the Motorhead, 'Aces high' and left the room, laughing to myself, while wondering how long they would leave it before putting on 'Cafe del mar', the only thing chilled out German couple can take.

We got as far as track 2, the lyric 'You got to rock out with your cock out' was probably the 'Deal breaker', deal breaker or no deal breaker, if you are 19, I expect you to rock out any way you can, or what the fuck are you doing?

I told Steward this at work, while there was lots of 'Serious' types flying around, his desk, his eyes lost contact with me and all of a sudden a box of papers seemed to warrant his attention.

Did the Gremlins get to Steward too? I hope so, 'Gremlins 3, Melbourne by Storm' does have a ring to it', especially the local rugby league here is called Melbourne Storm.

Does anyone remember Rock and Roll or Gremlins for that matter?

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