Friday, 16 July 2010

Kieran gets an extension, prison row this is not

I got this photo from DJ Drop the Lime's website

So after a week of looking at my options, taking stock, the end of the week being now, and my contract being up next week, next Saturday if fact, I have been offered an extension
and Kieran says 'Ok, so'.

You see the thing was I was thinking (this is a symptom, I know.) about other roles going in Melbourne.

But here are the facts are:
1, I currently don’t do much and I get paid well
2, It would look good to future employers if they see my contract was extended
3, I'm under no stress
4, My test lead is quite good and this makes life easier for me, we have a laugh
5, I've gotten quite used to going to the gym at 5pm on the dot
6, I go for long lunch breaks with Vince others
7, No one gives me grief
8, Work needs me as a lot of people left and no more people are authorised to come on board
9, I'm out in 6 months anyways, back to Europe and hopefully Brazil
10, I need to get my wisdom tooth out in a few weeks and that will be no problem here
11, If I went somewhere else I might have to work hard
12, I don’t work hard here
13, We are moving location, up one level, I’m going up in the world, and a change is as good as a holiday!

So, Kieran's brain says, you actually got it good, stay where you is boy.

So I was listening to this mix of Busy P, and I got flash backs of getting my right arm tattooed in Peru, oh the flash backs!

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