Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Kieran to the rescue

Videos are from the St Kilda night market

Looks like I’ll be doing a first aid course tomorrow, 2 day's paid by my work, only because they are very serious about health and safety, I pointed out in a meating, it's all good logging accidents and safety observations, but what do we do if someone has a heart attack of hurts themselves, who knows first aid?

Well, it would appear, in 2 business days, I will be the 'go to' guy, no job too big or small. Maybe I could do 'Nips and tucks' on the side? Botox is very popular, I believe? Might have to stay away from doing abortions, just for now, I still don’t know anything.

I went to a party the other night, a woman that used to be pregnant, isn't pregnant anymore, she was carrying a little baby in her arms, and this was something to look at. Curiosity, killing the cat and all, I launch in with 'So, how big was she when she came out?' this was very amusing to those who know about this sort of stuff, but I didn't know and truth

Stop the beat a minute....

Kieran can do any Botox treatment's or treat any gun shot wounds, and that means no putting plasters on knees for little people that fall off their skate boards. Too many plasters will make you gay anyways.

It appears I’m not a permanent employee and that's not good enough if someone has an accident, I have to go and find a permanent employee and let them do it, maybe I could phone a friend for 2 points.

I'm not sure, it's never really happened before, I’ve never been at the scene of a serious accident.

I'm reminded of the scene in Family Guy where Stewie Griffin is about to pass out and he says 'Don’t let me be treated by a black doctor'.

It's a bit like one of my theorys about going bushwalking, always bring a German, because they always do everyting your supposed to do and bring everything yor supposed to bring, it's in their nature.

Just dont go getting a heart attack near me, i might give you a kick in the ear to revive you. Hey, i saw it on Family guy once, and it didn't do them any harm?

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Janet said...

You. Do first aid?! No thanks! ;) Just kidding! Keep up the good work!

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