Thursday, 1 July 2010

Let’s get Political baby!

As always, the photos have nothing to do with the story, it's my world, and this is how i'm doing it!

Imaging to my surprise (this is not very hard in fact); I go out sick for a week and a half and guess what happens? A 10 pound pom get's the top job in the government and now I’m beginning to wonder, where's my 10 pounds? All I got was this lousy, what ever the hell I have, the Flu probably?

Julia Gillard, you've done well for yourself!!

To be fair, the guy that had the job before her Kevin Rudd is worth 54 million dollars, which by anyone’s conversion is a hell of a lot more than 10 pounds, he should have no problems having a bit of fun, but I still can’t help but feel a bit cheated? Maybe he'll go off to Las Vegas for a bit, like all the AFL footy guys, in fact the North Melbourne football have planned their end of season trip, it will include a pool party, with Mike Tyson, why not, why do things by half’s? If you’re going to do it, do it.

Now, let’s get political again, a few things I’d like to point out Australia.

With Prime ministers, you've had the John Howard years, he was all against gay marriages, they were apparently the reason for the brake down of marriages, I would have though guys getting caught having sex with their best mates wife might be, but not according to that ex-prime minister.

John Howard is the minister for Cricket, so he’s all better and his buddy George Bush is out, so it was time to get out, then Kevin Rudd came along, he's only worth 54 million bucks, so why he'd want to work is anyone guess, not that he'd be 'in touch' with the common man anyways.

And now you've got Julia Gillard at the steering wheel, the family first bunch must be going mad a woman that lives in sins got the top job, what message is this sending the youth of Australia? But you have to laugh; they go from one extreme to the other.

Now, Julia is not too keen on people coming here, but she came here. I think she should be asking the Aboriginals on what they think of boat people coming here, she got 10 pounds after all, I got feck all, and who is she to complain?

Had enough of my rant? Check this'La La Land', bit, I’m going down, down, down, to La la land......

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