Monday, 26 July 2010

Little Lesbians and what else can I remember?

So, in an effort to curb my 'ways', I thought I’d hit the gym on Friday night, and this was achieved successfully, they were celebrating their 1 year anniversary of being open at the gym, with a DJ and to be honest, the music was so good, it was hard to leave, I left eventually.

So, I went to see a band with Steve from the Gypsy bar, Steve’s friend's comments, the Truck driver as he called her (a big lesbian), come flooding back to my brain (the bit that's left), well she said 'Watch out for the little lesbians', and then it occurred to me, there was heaps of 20 year old lesbians, everywhere.
It occurred to me, in most countries, it would take people a life time to realise, maybe a failed marriage and 2 kids to realise they were lesbian, but in Australia, it's something you come to grips before you leave school.

Later I went to see Fayez, he was about to finish work, so I started talking to 2 chicks at the bar, all was going well, until one of them pointed out, 'That’s sexist', me not wanting to appear too foolish, I didn't want to say, 'What's sexist ?', then one of them said, 'We're going back to our previous conversation', then she says, 'So, anyways, I’m fucking this guy that works at Coles', it was like something out of Family guy, classic!

I and Fayez went to Yeah Yeahs, where he is supposed to get cheap drinks since his boss owns that bar too, I pointed this out, then he got the right price; maybe I’m to believed after all? At one point I was chatting to some chick at the bar, she bought 3 pints of Cider and disappeared, my friend the next day that I told this to said, 'How long was she gone before you started drinking Cider?' Good question, that's a very good question.

Some girl was talking to Fayez, I remember the chick being all nervous, he does resemble Phil Lynnott and it would appear a real babe magnet, the nervous chink was pulled away by her friend, that was the end of that encounter, we had to laugh.

Phil Lynott, allbeit, a bronze version

A lot of fun was had, since I’ve been going to the gym most days, I get a much better reception when I go out, is this a reflection of city people and city life?
Fayez was telling me, 'For all the time I’ve been here, I don’t really have any friends I can call and people I can rely on', this is true fro me too, but if you live in the city amongst transient people, what can you expect?
Got home, all I had to do was get up, wash clothes and go and see 'Psycho' at 3pm, with a full orchestra, this would prove more challenging than first expected.

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Well there is a tendency, in my own opinion, that the world will be Bisexual and polygamous someday, just like it was back in Eden (iif it wasnt for Eva...)

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