Thursday, 29 July 2010

Many hands make light work, just ask Paul

In some countries they believe this so much they have many, many kids to help them out.

The same countries, to one's I’m thinking about like Laos in South East Asia, the residents of Laos don’t have many TV's, they didn't when I was there last, so what are you going to do when you've put in a long day tending the fields, the sun goes down and it's bed time, what do you do, what do you do?

The Taliban banned TV's at one stage, there was a radio show that was so popular, they couldn't ban it and it was produced out of London, by the BBC, believe it or not? Michael Moor, did a show about it, he was dropping TV's over Afganistan (it looked like it anyway's, the moon landing looked real too, but thats TV for yea)

Our German friend, Paul, is a winner; did I tell you about coming 1st last night in the trivia, with my usual suspect’s trivia crew, the A-Team elite force, hand picked because of out un-natural lateral thinking craniums you say?
I don’t know, they recognised me from last week, we came 3rd, and I had a voucher for a jug of beer from last week, and if that isn't a reason to meet up with some random strangers the following week, to take out the Royal Derby Trivia grand prize of $60 worth of beer, and 3 other jugs along the way, I don’t know what is.
So back to my many hands tid bit, it would seem that Paul isn't held with much regard by the people over in Iran with all the nuclear weapons, is there something wrong with those fellas in Iran? He's just an octopus, a right one.

'But how would you hold an octopus’s', you say, he'd probable slip right tout of your hands? True, true.

I was watching the Stephen Fry quiz show 'QI' the other night, the latest gossip/research is that, some guys (in white coats) think that the (common?) octopus has many brains, apparently to control the complexity of their tentacles, squid ink is put in to Risotto in Italy and they have very bad memories, they can be trained to open lids of jars, but they have to be re taught to do this task, every day, every day not being exactly 24 hours, but is in fact more or less 24, a little bit under or over and this is aligned by people in white coats, I’m guessing (or maybe you'd like to ask Paul?)

Why would Germans call an octopus’s 'Paul'? He's German, he should have been have been called 'Hands', second name 'Many', don’t those Germans got no sense of humour or something?

Last night the chick on our trivia team won the heads and tails round, she picked 'Heads and Tails' 5 times, she picked 'Heads and tails' 6 times last week too, I wonder what the odds are, you wouldn't get those odds in Vegas, so we won another jug of beer for her, heads and tails ability, more beer!!

Stuart thinks the odds would be .1; I’m with him with that, I might get a headache if I tried working that one out, no thanks and he got married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator, see, i'm with Stuart!!

The Trivia victory song, this is a new addition to Trivia, you can select a song, if you win, I said 'Smack my bitch up', for a laugh, the MC Damo said, 'Ok, so', so that was it, the sweet taste of victory and everyone left us to bask in the limelight, it was still early, about 10pm.
This was all great, then Fayez wanted to go to Bar Open, I couldn't say no, and I went too, and now as I write this I’m reminded why I gave up drinking during the week and opted for the healthy lifestyle, but he question remains, has the healthy 'life style' opted for me?

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Anonymous said...

News article said "Paul was unavailable for comment'...did they even try? All they had to do was put a couple boxed in front of him labelled 'iran is correct' or 'iran is full of shit'

another great read boyo, keep it up!

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