Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My ratings were so low, i could have been voted off the internet!!!

Before, Mamma mia! Why no one like me?

So, I logged on to Google Analytics to see who my fans are, where they are logging in from, and to my surprise the app says (with confidence) I was down - 100% this month, in death red)
Kieran's brain starts to whirl into motion, this would be the only technical challenge I was going to face all day (and writing now, from what was then the future, it was the most technical thing I did all month)
My mind flashed back to when I re-jigged the side-bar and the like, I took some useless stuff out, now, but on retrospect, it was quite useful after all, which would prove, you should always try and think before you do, err....things?
Well anyways, I’m back in action, since rectifying the, non French, non-blond, non-blue eyed, non-Latino, non-thinking Irish guys mistake, I got 5 hits, now I plan on rolling with the punches, now that I know where they will be coming from again.
I see, said the blind man.

Now, the state of things

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