Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Off with his head!!! Viva la revolution!

It's time to conjure up all that's good about being French, drink wine, eat cheese, bread, make love with your face and get snooty.

To the Bastille

Is the revolution here yet? Coz I’m ready, I’m about as ready as I’ll ever be. I've been practicing my lines day and night, 'Off with his head!!’ I think it will solve quite a few problems for me, indeed it will.

I remember reading the Bastille storming in 1789 was led by a fella from Waterford, I remember trying to find a reference with the all mighty Google a few years ago, but no joy.
But joy now, oh, what joy, but read this first, maybe not so much joy?

Bastille now

I went to the Bastille when I was in Paris, I met a guy from Paris, he had never been there, and I thought there would be something left of the Bastille, but no, it's all gone, now there is a tower

Bastille then

A lot of people in Paris have Irish parents I was told, one French guy I was talking to was telling me, I met one Irish guy, that had very French manner, but looked Irish, and they have so many expressions with their faces, I find it very entertaining, I really do.


 Viva la revolution!  All those English types looked better with no heads anyway's!!

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