Monday, 19 July 2010

So, it was just another Friday, or was it?

Meyself and Nas, before the bad chemicals kicked in in my brain

So it all started when, we had a work drinks dinner thing, on Friday night, I was contemplating the benefits of free beer, versus going to the gym, the gym lost the battle, free beer won the day and off we went.

It seems like always the case whenever there is free anything on offer, people (like me) will consume as much as possible like your getting value for your money, it was Premium and then there was 'Crownies' (bottled beer), and they are normally expensive. I drank quite a few, you never know when the prices of things will go up.

In regards to free alcohol, I need to be less like me and more like...........something else, probable some sort of space alien?

I remember looking at my watch at one point, thinking 'It's only 7 O’clock', it felt much later, by 9pm or so I was pretty wasted and it was over and I went to E55 with the new guy Nas on my team, it was too early to go home.

Highlight of Friday, nothing much, I’m sure we were talking to some couple from Tassie in E55 and my jacket got stolen from the same bar, the state I was in, I accepted this little known fact and off I went, back to Fitzroy.
For all my efforts, I think I proved to myself that free alcohol, can be in fact the most expensive

Saturday I went to the gym for my sins, after I called into E55 on the brief chance that they would have had it, but alas, no joy, I came out of the bar, there were jackets reduced to $68, so I bought one, I told the guy in the shop it was a message from the universe, which it was, out with the not so old and in with the new.

I wonder do these fellows ever have to deal with the plight of free beer?

I got a call from Dave Noonan on Saturday morning, his first question was
'What were you smoking last night, I just listened to your voice mail'
, I was looking at other messages I sent, thankfully to people that 'understand me', somewhat?

The voice mail was something about how he should leave his girlfriend and elope with me, hmmm, famous last words, i hope, they are not.

I sent Stuart this one
'Hey fucker, tell Ami (not an intelligent meter) to bitch slap you for being a teenager tonight'
, next morning I rang him, but he said he found the message 'humorous', no major damage done there, phew!!

Photo of the day

From now on, it will be gym first any drinking will be much later, much later!

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