Monday, 12 July 2010

To write or not to write, this is the question, and Cold Pizza.

So, I am in the position of wanting to write something, but what, 'they' say you should write about what you know, but what do I know? I don’t know much, it's a good starting place.

So, lets look at what happened, the weekend, while most people were off having after work drinks in Friday night, I made a Bee line to the gym, later I went out with Andy, his girlfriend and his mate from the land name after the queen, it could be something to do with the wizard of Oz, a guy once told me 'The Queen can fuck off to Queensland', that’s the place, he was from there.

Anyways, the Friday night ended sort of early, me going home after Andy and company going home, I was tired too, such as life getting old.

Saturday was a different story, I went with the boy from Sydney, Luke to see a DJ I saw 3 and a half years ago, Drop the Lime, he played in the Prince of Wales and it was awesome!!
My house mate Naomi, Drop the Limes set on Triple J and she liked it and she doesn't like electronic music.

Luke wanted to go to Revolver after the gig and since he always picks up when he's out with me, it seemed like a good thing to do and I can never say no to Revolver anyways, off we went.

It being Revolver and Revolver being Revolver, you either love it or hate it; I bounced around and had lots of chats with people, mostly in a La La sort of land. Left the place when the sun was in the air, Luke left with a chick I started talking to, there was no exceptions to the rule that morning.

So anyways yesterday was spent on the bean bag, watching TV series on a hard drive, I did attempt to watch a movie 'Inglorious Bastards' by Quentin T, but it being the type of movie that is, I had to turn it off, and I went back to the TV series, 'The united States of Tara' and 'Hung', much better entertainment.

I ordered Pizza, delivered, finished the last 2 slices this morning for breakfast, cold pizza in the morning, yummie. There was a TV show in the US called 'Cold Pizza'too? What a country!!

Cold Pizza is something my friend Vince doesn't get, I don’t get it that he doesn't 'Get it', I didn't know there was anything to get, is he trying too hard?

Cork played Waterford in the Munster final, I’m pretty sure we would have won, I’ll have to go to the Celtic Club and find out, the same place is not listed in Telstra directory enquiries, if’s only been there since something like 1886, I did mention to the operator 'If you do a Google search, you'll get the number', which defeats the use of using anything to do with Telstra and I know, I used to work for them.

I didn't do much work at Telstra

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