Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What do you do?

Photos are from a google search 'Trying to do intellegent things'

I do this, at work?
Truth be told, my contract is being extended, by 6 months, i feel a bit like a guy a space man going into a black hole, before he's all the way in, he'd be stretched over 1km.
I saw that somewhere once, now I have banging tunes, lets see where this journey goes

I tried to get some black hole references, but instead I got other references, which are interesting anyways, so why dont you have a look, it wont be the dumbest thing you've ever learnt about, and it would be very hard to someone to disprove any of your new found knowledge, especially in a club, and who knows you might sound intellegent (not in a club)

To continue, the little adventure of the weekend, I will continue when I woke up, I checked my text messages, only to get a clearer picture, everything was still a bit upside down, which is fine I guess if your in Melbourne and from Ireland, which I am, so maybe I passed that test?

I get a text message from Luke, which was something like
'I hope your not still up from last night'
I wasn't, not that there would have been a chance of that, I was like one of those fellas that jump the starters gun and get disqualified, I put myself out of any running, unless the running was some how horizontal related, I’m not very competitive, this much is true.

Luke was starting French lessons on Saturday, a big night wouldn't have made sense, but he does like making love with his face, so what can I say to that?

So for my sins, I walked to the gym, did lots of weights and sat in the Sauna, only because I knew it would make me feel better, and if anyone needed to feel better, it was me, later I bought new headphones and I was back to square one, 1 new jacket, new earphones, if you do the crime, you do the time, the result of my slightly inebriated escapades.

I told people the only intelligent thing I did was not drink wine, Steward informed me today I drank wine, so maybe intelligence and Friday night's don’t go hand in hand?

Called into Gypsy bar on Saturday, met some people, ended up staying longer than expected, Luke from Sydney was keen to go out, every time he's been out with me, he's picked up, it wasn't to be his night, there wasn't much to pick up beside a cold either

Sunday, I went to the gym, it's the only intelligent thing I do right now and I try and do it every day, I am getting results too, people treat you different when your looking fit, strangely enough?

And this is what I do and I get productive by putting these words into sentences and somehow a big picture unravels it's self.

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