Friday, 2 July 2010

What i should have said, when asked about my goals?

The new female (look into my eyes!!) prime minister (not elected) and the guy worth 54 million that got the boot, he got the boot out of his Prime minister house too!!!

So last Monday night i got a fitness schedule from the gym i joined and i filled out a form, here's what happened.

My Instructor Claire says 'So what are your goals Kieran?' The World cup was on, England were about to get a hammering they deserved by the Germans, but that another story.

The goals in question were not the goals that Wayne Rooney would never score, but the fitness goals i have.
Wayne Rooney

So i answered all the usual stuff that you'd expect to see written on one of those fitness forms, 'Look super, feel super, be super' and what i didn't know then was the true answer would come to me later in the night, curtesy of my brain and by then i was too late to turn back the clock and write the true answer.

So, what are my fitness goals you say? Well, what i wanted to say was, 'I want to smuggle budgies like Tony Abbott'.
Tony Abbot

Tony Abbott is a politician in Australia, not a very smart one at that, he seems to spend more time training for Iron man competitions than, well, er, thinking?
He likes wearing Speedo's (speedos are Budgie smugglers in Australia), he's a strict Catholic and god talks to him and is not very compassionate to any refugees and he thinks the Aboriginals should get any job, even if it means picking up rubbish.

You see, he wants to be Pime Minister, elected by the people, one of the previous Prime Ministers John Howard was referred to as a 'Man of Steel' by George Bush, you see where this is going?

John Howard

So our 'Tony' spends his time trianing for Iron man competitions and wants to be a Man of Steel, just like his hero John Howard, now Julia Gillard the current Prime Minister (unelected) has got in the door, she's the new Prime Minister, and worse, she's an athiest, unmarried and living in sin, it would appear, have all the strict Catholic values gone out the window? The family first political party probably wont be too hapy about it.

Julia's got no god

The 2 other guys i mentioned talk to god all the time, i know this because they always say god is on their side, what will happen if another war breaks out, Australia is called in, how will they know if god approves or not? Who will be on Australia's side

All i know is there is a chance i could look super in budgie smugglers, and i'm sure i wont be breaking any laws? No 'Faux pas' in Australia, now, if i was in the middle east, it might be a differnt story

It's very confusing indeed, all this Political stuff, and i think i'll stop there.

Now this
Steve (from from work, who's girlfriend is in Dublin was telling me about this)
Family from Cork, they were a Youtube sensation, and they went over to America to sing on the Ellen show.

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