Friday, 13 August 2010

After the Slash gig...........

Photos from the gig
Later, I was buzzing after the awesome gig, I had to go out, just for 1 or 20, so I did, off I went to Gypsy bar, some of the 'old' crew were there, American Jimmy from Chicago was there and Steve was doing his best with a crazy Scottish chick and her bonkers friend, it must have been cottages, because pretty soon they were both bonkers
The less crazy Scottish chick, Crazy 1, that Steve was trying to kiss kept telling me how she loved Irish guys,
'Say that again, oh, I love how you say that'
Hmmm, interesting? So we eventually went to bar open, of all nights to want to go there, not many people were there, Steve had no money at the end, I gave home $10 for a taxi, with Crazy 1, then he comes back, he lost his wallet and keys, I say don’t worry, you can sleep on my couch, disaster averted.

Then we are talking to the one and only chick out, Steve says to her,
'I lost my wallet and keys, can I stay on your couch'
Pretty early on in the conversation, her response was...
'I live by myself [in far away land'
She makes an excuse for a toilet break and high tails out of there pretty quickly, pretty normal thing to do, dont yea think?

I go home, with my new lodger Steve, who vacated the premises earlier than me, probably because I left my phone in the sitting room and my alarm woke him up instead of me.
But let me tell you about the other Scottish chick, Crazy 2, she seemed to hit a point, where she just went bonkers, and the other bonkers seemed to know it and just left her off, here's what went down.
She says, out of the blue,

Crazy 2: 'It's just about oil, isn't it, that's all you want'

Me: 'I don’t use any oil, I get the tram everywhere'

Crazy 2: 'You just want oil'

Me: 'I used 2 drops of oil 2 weeks ago, to oil my lock so I could get in the door of my house'
Crazy 1: What's she on about?

Me: I think she's on about the Iraq war?

Crazy 1: She's crazy
Crazy 2 gets up in a huff and storm out at this outrage I have caused and that’s the last we saw of her, I had to laugh, didn't meet many people, but everyone I met was memorable, to say the least, for a rainy Wednesday night.

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