Tuesday, 3 August 2010

And where is the wisdom in that?

So after many months of holding off, I’ve bitten the bullet, but I don’t know how long I’ll be biting any bullets, after biting the first bullet you see, I need to have a wisdom tooth taken out. Speaking of bullets and biting, i learnt this at the battle of the Boyne heritage centre

Now, it would seem like a straight forward thing, but I had to get health insurance, but which one, which one? I was like a kid in a candy shop going 'How much is that one, and that one? How much for that one and that one? Until the shopkeeper said, 'Yerra fecckit, get out, get out?', and then you don’t come back to his shop until the cross man has cooled down and maybe his wife has calmed him down, maybe a week?

I never knew what to do when faced with this sight and $1 in my pocket

See what I mean? So anyway I got one, health insurance policy, and I was in business, but first I had to wait, and I’m still waiting, it kicks in tomorrow and all the dentists are all booked up now, maybe I should have booked ages ago? Maybe?

So, I got a flash back from my housemate I rarely see, Naomi telling me about our local dentist, so I ring up, I’m booked in, at 5.30pm next Wednesday, but Slash is on at 7pm the same night, it would never work ,and I’d only be driving myself mad wanting to be somewhere, hopefully vertical, but with an inclination to get horizontal, here and there, I rescheduled the appointment, for the 18th of August, but that’s ages away, what to do...in Kathmandu...go to the zoo in Kathmandu', if only it were that easy.

Slash is coming to town, not Santa Clause

So, I look to the internet, after all it's there, right in front of me and after all Google knows everything, I’ve got a feeling Google works for Santa, it's that good, and it knows everything.

Google finds a site that recommends lots of Dentists on Collins St, I ring up, the first guy is really busy, so I ask a few natives here, hanging around the office, one was eating a banana, was I at a zoo? It was a bit early in the day to tell the difference, it was defiantly feeding time anyway.

Feeding time, anyone hungry?

I'm told, 'What ever you do, don’t go to the dentists on Collins St, they will rip you off, munch, munch', that ended that quest, good bye Collins St and Google, I talk to more natives, they were beginning to be useful, especially the business ones and bingo, I get the name and address of a highly rated dentist in Richmond.
Hallelujah, there is no time like the present, that’s why it's called 'The present', because it is a present, the now.
Insurance kicks in tomorrow, are dentists in Australia BYO bullets or will they have them like we have lolly pops in Ireland, only one way to find out, time to get biting.

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herman wouk said...

so... when is the tooth coming out?

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