Monday, 9 August 2010

Buster Keating and me.

So I get sent a link to a movie 'The General',  by Buster Keating, I was told it was excellent, but after seeing it, I really didn't expect it to be 'THAT' brilliant.

So, we're talking about a silent movie that was made in 1927, that was a box office flop in it's time, some reviews for this movie when it first came out, painted it in a very bad way, but it's more of an indication of how people were then, compared to now (not that how people are now, is anything to be inspired by)

The band that played the music to the movie were the 'Blue grassy knoll'

So, the movie 'The general' reminded me of Mark Twain’s play 'Is he dead', in that, both were a way ahead of their time, both weren't a commercial success, now the movie is hailed as a masterpiece, when I went to NY and saw as much as I could on Broadway, Mark Twain’s play 'Is he dead' was the most original and entertaining play on

Is he dead?

It must have been very frustrating for Buster Keating to have made a movie in 1927 and not have received the acclaim it receives in 2010, some 83 years on down the road.

But how many people would make a movie, if they knew that the current generation of good citizens would not receive it well, but instead their grand kids?

The General

It was defiantly one of the best movie experiences ever, maybe my number 1, with Alfred Hitchcock’s 'Psycho' with a full orchestra that i saw 2 weeks ago, what a classic movie experience

For more Buster Keating, check this out

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Janet said...

Hmmm with that good a reccomendation might have to check it out. Although I must say I'm really not into 'old movies'. They're so...old. lol

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