Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A chance encounter on the tram......

I got this choo choo to work and guess what happened?
So, this morning I’m on the tram, hung over, in hops a chick with a guy and sits opposite me, she looks familiar, I say, 'I know you', and before long, we're rapping away, just like the old days. I would only have to be, Sonya, from Sydney, the daze of the Coopers arms, no less.

I met Sonja when I went to Sydney, a few months ago, it was her birthday that night, i walked up King St and met her at the traffic lights, in Sydney and of all the days and all the trams in the world, she walks into mine and sits opposite me, in Melbourne.

I was telling Sonja about the time she and her friend (that she doesn't talk to now) showed up at my friend’s party, decided they didn't like anybody there and grabbed the potatoes salad and a spoon and ate it, under the table.
I grabbed someone’s camcorder (they had them in those days) and interviewed them under the table; it was like a present from the universe, what are the odds? And she is going back to Sydney today.

When i met Sonja in Sydney, she was telling me about her life
Sonja: I got married
Me: Me too
Sonja: I'm separated:
Me: Me too
And for some reason, i'm reminded of a movie with Cary Grant, except it has nothing (really to do with that movie).

The clocks
In Sydney, it was so easy to meet people, all you had to do was walk down the road, but as Steward poined out, in Melbourne, there are more choices, it's not so easy to bump into people that you know, this is what the mobile phone, or in years gone past, you would meet under the clocks, at Flinders St station

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