Friday, 13 August 2010

Cork V Kilkenny, was it even a competition?

So, Cork played Kilkenny on the weekend, I know this, because I was feeling a bit 'refreshed' after falling asleep during the Inception movie
I actually saw a trailer for the movie Inception last night, and thought, that looks good, I wouldn't mind seeing that, but of course I did, but I was too busy looking at my eyelids, but life goes on and it did, so, the sports channel that should have showed the Cork V Kilkenny game Setanta were 'busy' showing a English soccer game, how very Irish, in an Irish bar? I watched the replay, the next day and here's what happened.
I got to the Celtic club to watch the game (this was a good thing), they have Guinness on special at $6 a pint (good thing), for the month of August (not such a good thing), Waterford Dave calls, I tell him where I am, since I know what the score is, I tell him, he's not going to be watching it, so what's the harm?
A few minutes I turn around and start rapping with a guy behind me, an Aussie, he's wearing the Cork jersey, he's got an Apple computers jacket, he didn't know what the final score was, but he overheard me say it to Dave, oops, but he was cool, no major harm was done, I buy him a pint, he buys me one, life is good.
The only jersey anyone born in cork would dream of wearing

Well anyway, there were no hard feelings with the Aussie/Cork fella, he told me he lived in Cork for a bit, his wife is from Kerry, so more the reason to sport the Cork jersey, I was beginning to like this guy, he had real class.

He had the Jersey and Apple computers, i had my red underwear on, i was supporting too, not that you could see that, without your x-ray specs.
X-ray specs

My new Aussie/Cork friend kept telling me I wasn't going to the gym, couldn't he see I had my gym bag with me? When the Cork/Kilkenny game was over another game was on, so we stayed for that too, I was going to the gym, but the Guinness was only $6, 'Your not going to the gym', 'I am too' and it went on, 'Goal!!!!', Aghh, one for the road...
I love this stuff
In the end, I didn't go, the gym would have been closing anyways, I went to Mc Donald’s instead, this is all I was fit for at that stage, maybe it was a Mc Donald’s gym that served me a burger, chips and coke. I did have to walk up and down stairs, is this some kind of 'Get fit regime?', coz it's really popular?
It was horrible weather, but you get the idea?
That was Monday, Guinness was $6 and all month, this month of August remember? So I stopped in on the way to see the Slash concert on Wednesday and last night on the way to Tribe called quest last night (and that's another story), that done, I’ll be going back to the fitness programs, weights, sauna and sweating like a pig (and not coming at the end, mostly)

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