Thursday, 19 August 2010

Could Mary and Joseph have been the Original Stoners?

Life's a drag
So, I 'm in Gypsy bar, I spot 2 chicks sitting at the bar, I’m chatting to Chicago Jimmy, Chris from Glasgow, so I sit in the middle, and as it turns out, I know one of them, it's Tara that's exercising every day and looking well-er in those jeans and it's true, she told me i look much better, i correct her by saying 'Better-er', of course.

I ask the other chick what Tara’s name was, only because I didn't know it at the time, I did know it, then I forgot it ...ect. But that was then, this is now and I was in Gypsy bar. The girl says 'My name is Dove', I say no, what’s her name? She says Tara, they just met.

Does the guy on the right look like your daddy?

Now, it's fair to say Tara knows me kinda well, on our many chance meetings, and she's got a great voice, plays the piano and would you believe it, the Irish Harp? Well she does.
So then I ask the chick that informed me of my newly acquired knowledge Dove, where she got her name 'Dove' from, and it was probably one of the best questions asked of this century...?
She told me the following..

Well, one day my mother was off to get in IUD inserted by a doctor, but my grandmother read one of her letters and was very angry when she found out, so the game was up.
So instead, she went off with my dad to smoke a big block of hash in the Centennial gardens. So, 9 months later here I am. I was a difficult birth, there was many false alerts, my parents were big hippies, so they thought the best place to have a baby was in Byron bay, with all the nature, good vibes (it's about 2000 kms away, and at the time it was a hippy village, full of free love, peace and harmony and eyes full of dreams).
Too much of this going on through time!
So, they were living near a rain forest, when my mom went to labour, my dad had to hitch hike to get a car, bring the car back, the car broke down on the way to the hospital, they had to get someone to fix the car, the car was dropped off at the hospital, then my dad had to bring the car back and hitch hike back to the hospital.
But he stopped off at his friend’s places along the way and eventually made it to the hospital, very stoned; the nurse was very angry with him and wouldn't let him leave again. (Was this nurse being unreasonable?)
She was called 'Dove' because her stoner dad read it in a poem in the way to hospital.
Hey stoners!! your going the wrong way!!
And that was the story of how she got born, and there was something too about half the hash block (from the original) that the parents smoked when she was born, how poetic.
I couldn't believe it, she had me in hysterics!!

Maybe it could be an idea for a 'Cheech and Chong' movie, I once went through a 'Phase' of watching 'Cheech and Chong', when I live in Sydney, but I did live in an area where everybody smoked, I told a friend about the 'Cheech and Chong' movies, he tried to rent one, but he lived in North Sydney, strictly A Class side of the city. No 'Cheech and Chong', my side had it all!

The more i think about it, it sort of resembels something like out of the bible, could Joseph and Mary have been the original stoners?
Was she Jesus after coming back, he did say he'd come back after all?

Dove did tell me she had a meeting with her supervisors about her attitude and her dress manner at work. So she's causing problems for people, just like Jesus.

I did ask her where she worked, she said 'Melbourne Uni', i said 'Err feck the students, they'll be back, you cant get rid of them!' and it's all true folks.
And that was Monday night for you and i went home to read British Balls (quite possibly the best magazine to read, thats free, while your not Stone free)

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