Wednesday, 25 August 2010

If you’re Aussie, come into the Parliament, a hung parliament?

Now, I’m not the kind of guy that gets ideas, or should I say, an ideas man, I am not.

Al-Qa'eda's ideas man

So, I was viewing the latest Fred Negro cartoon, in Wednesdays 'Inpress magazine',  the main reason I check it out every Wednesday, is for his cartoon, he's a nice guy, even my mom said it.

So, he couldn't think of anything to draw for this latest publication, apart from starting his cartoon with a scrotum, a male one, very hung and why wouldn't you, if you had one? Or was it in honour of the 'Australian hung parliament'?

Freds cartoon

But, you just have to love the Aussies, I try and love them the weekend, I do my best, I really do and sometimes it's enough, only sometimes, and theres a bit of a drought on the week days where I drink copious amounts of water. And now the water levels are at 40.2 %, water restrictions have been officially lifted, hurrah!! Water for everybody, except, oh no, summer is very on the way, they might need to save a few drops for that, or else they'll be hanging for a drop too.

Now, that could have been an idea for me, but no, no bells were going off in my head after reading that cartoon, was I looking at the pictures or reading the words, I know what you’re thinking? Did he grab his balls? I guess we'll never know?

Now, I came in from the toilet, 'Dum de dum' and a chick I work with Anna was doing a bit of a pose drinking her coffee (coffee from the machine isn't good enough for some on our level and it's not bad) Anna don't get paid in magic beans or coffee beans, it's nice for some, eh, so she buys her own.

Anna starts spouting about hanging out and the hung parliament, Kieran's brain goes 'Bang' and that's what the 'El Ranto' will be about today, I will not be mentioning anything about old Saddam, he was well hung too, I believe, if all reports are to be believed?

Also, I won’t be referring to a cowboy that was featured on 'Louis Theroux and the brothel' Documentary I watched last night, the first guy had a ginormous cock, if the blond was to be believed? Asians have ones a bit bigger than your little finger, Louis said, 'That's racist', but if you were a working girl, there is a big difference between a stallion (please refer to the cartoon above, featuring 'Horskins' viewing himself in a mirror) size and your little finger it’s genetics or something, but if you knew much about genetics, what would you be doing working in a brothel? Research I suppose, for one of them at least

Note to reader:
Horskins is not to scale, so don’t go taking him literally

Come to think of it (no pun intended), the most disturbing thing about that documentary was how one chick working at the brothel, that had a husband introduced herself as '21 going on 12', And, how did they know paedophiles in the brothel?

Because the paedophiles would pick the chick that 'looked' about 12, that was actually 21 and had a husband, in financial trouble, that loved sex, so I suppose everybody was a winner there?

Doesn't look like much of a cat house, eh?

The Madam of the 'Cat house' as Clint Eastwood would say, thought it was fine the paedophiles would go to the brothel and not some local school and I suppose that was a good point?

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