Wednesday, 11 August 2010

It's probably spring

So, this morning I was on my free tram journey (I’m back to living on the edge), if your not living on the edge, your taking up too much space and space is the place, or is it?
Get ready for this

Anyways, so yesterday I was conversing with a fellow female (see above, may not be the actual female, but you get the idea) passenger about how it was spring, they are already promoting Spring and summer fashions, sales are on all over the place for items of clothing you wouldn't dream of wearing in a month or so, but at 50% off.

The average Melbourne family 2 months ago

How can you say no, and then you end up going about the place in big boots and a jacket to withstand gale force winds, it’s summer time, lunchtime and maybe your late? No?

All the fashion people will be concerned with, me too!!

It will only be a matter of time when they start having lots of left over food from lunch time meetings, it's a competition, who can eat nothing, I can’t and if you’re not eating those sandwiches missus, I know a certain person that will.
Who? Me of course!!
So, all this was going through my head yesterday, how optimistic are the Aussies, its winter, the sun is shining and everyone is thinking summer.

'It's probably spring' I thought yesterday, and then I was reminded of a book I read in Bolivia, it was my Shaman Tulassi's book by Leonard Cohen, 'It's probably spring' is a poem in that book, poetry has never meant much to me before, but that was before, before the Ceremony in Bolivia anyways.
So today I get up, and out of bed, then I get back into bed and then I thought, I’d better get out of bed and go to work, minutes later I’m fully clothed of course (I dressed myself) and guess what happened, when I went out the door?

My head got wet!! Well now, I can tell you, Mother Nature, it's no wonder all the Chinamen don’t think much of you!!!
It wasn't spring at all and then it proceeded to bucket down, so much in fact my own hair got wet, but only the hair on my head, so that was ok, I guess?

So much for Spring, I think I’ll just wait until the weather man tells me it's ok to go out in sandals and right now, as I look out, I can see blue skies, Arghh!!!
Did someone just paint that sky blue or what? What’s going on, is this turning into a diary of a madman? It's not winter anymore (I’m hoping), it's something defiantly, but not lunchtime and defiantly not Dinner time.

The time we live in?

I think I’ll just wait a while and see what happens next...

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