Monday, 23 August 2010

Keeping it real, but first I’ll try and keep myself vertical

So, I watched one of many documentary's by Louis Theroux, one of which was 'Gangster rap', now, one of the terms that came up was 'Keeping it real' is of course is about 'Being yourself', rap about who you are and your experiences, interesting, I think, all you have to do is just be yourself

So if you from the 'hood' you rap about the hood, if you reside in Beverly Hills, you spit rhymes about losing the remote control, for the glass roof, or Maria, the illegal Mexican house keeper, wow, it must be an exciting life to live, and since you live it, you rhyme about it.

What happened you ask?

So anyways, myself and the Eagle went to the Espy for Aussie Hip hop on Friday night, very good, free gig, expensive drinks, the last guy was M-Phases, some other guys from Adelaide, all very good, from what I can remember and there are 5 new numbers in my phone from the weekend, 3 are a complete mystery to me and I just deleted one my mistake, you do the math, so it must of been a good weekend?

Went to Waterford Dave's house party on Saturday night, he had a 'Creatures of the night' party, Dave went as a Ninja,

Ninjas in other parts of the world

The Eagle went as gangster (a blood stained) shirt, I went as a swinger, in a psychedelic shirt I got for a $1, in a garage sale, groovy baby yeah!
There was another Louis Theroux documentary about swingers, porn, did you know there are 'things' called 'Stunt cocks’? and I was very happy to have been introduced to the term 'Gay for pay', looking at my bank statement will never be the same ever again.

I like to think i looked a bit like this

I may or may not paid of the swinger shirt, the girl at the garage sale that sold it said a few times, 'That will be a $1', and this was strange to me because I thought I paid for it already, and I was going to give her (another) dollar, it was worth $2 and more, until the chick that was selling couldn't remember for sure if I gave her the dollar in the first place, so she said, just take it, and I did, it looks fabulous on me I hope, some people thought it was a great costume, I sure is and all for a dollar, or less.

Later after the house party when we were trying to get into Revolver, the Eagle was still in costume and a method actor, he aint. The bouncer asked The Eagle if he had been fighting and was looking at him up and down, he did look like an extra in the 'Valentine day massacre', nope, just a clean, blood stained shirt.

Valentine day massacre

So after a hectic weekend, you'd think I would have stayed in last night, but no, I woke up and off I went to play pool with London Andy, yesterday was a beautiful day, so I was told, I woke up when it was dark, I was certainly living up to 'Creature of the night' theme all weekend, so, off I went for a Napier bar to meet Andy for beer, pool and the infamous 'Bogan burger', the burger has to be my most favourite food in the world, right now, it is awesome!!

Valentine day massacre
It's winter in Melbourne, the sun is shining, the worst of the winter is over, August i supposed to be the coldest, August you are nearly over, get out of my sight already, out with the old, in with the new, it should be happy days from here on in, and if I can manage to get home early enough to sleep and get up in the morning times with sunshine, thanks god, I will be very happy indeed, and why not? You'd think it would be the easiest thing in the world to do? How hard could it possibly be?

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