Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Living in da Nile

I still use these things
So, I was thinking, thinking is a symptom and since nothing was being translated through the 'old fingertips', by way of all this thinking and a device called a keyboard.
Now, I was reading that you can think things and search the net, no typing, just thinking, no typing, handy, except, how do you 'Not' download porn you tell yourself you don’t want to watch, but you really do?
Well something in you wants it, I’ll just stick to the old keyboard and tap away, I’m either old fashioned or in denial, not in the Nile although I have been in that too, and I was lucky not to get some insect feast on me, that everyone was going on about

I did a bit of this in the Nile, your not supposed to, Eeek?
Now, down to business, I was racking my brains about what to write, right, fight about. Couldn't think of a thing and reviewing work test cases wasn't going too well, since it's someone else’s work and I think it's all wrong. I'll just say that, no comments, no corrections, it's all fucked, thank you, next? What's next?

Ok, back to this, now, back to what I wanted to say, as is my habit, or want on a Monday, after Cork have played. And did they, Cork faced off against the Dubs on Sunday, midnight here on a Sunday night, and if memory serves me, I was in no condition to see that game, a crazy long weekend, sleep and bed were calling
So back to the Football, Gaelic football, Cork came out on top with a one point win, great comeback towards the end. I met a guy watching the replay game on Monday night, as soon as I saw him he said, 'Don’t tell me the score', and you see I didn't tell him before, he just overheard me tell Waterford Dave the score on the phone the last time, that’s how we started talking.

Just after the game started Waterford Dave turned up, his first question was 'Who won', oh no, I wasn't going to be falling for that one, no way, not again!

It turns out the Aussie guy, that likes watching Cork (he had impeccable taste) play, has 2 babies, 3 months old.
Even cats like the stuff
He was telling me, the nurses were instructing him about 'Baby massages', and I thought it was funny, drinking Guinness, watching a Cork game, talking about baby massages, no wonder the world is gone to hell, global warming, now this, but I jest, global warming isn't happening at all, just ask Tony Abbot, roughly 50% (not the smart ones) of Australians voted for him, hard to believe, I know!

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