Friday, 6 August 2010

Lunch time, waiting for Vince

My hidden camera, waiting for Vince @ Kartels cafe, when Vince gets there, we go somewhere cheaper, but first i chit chat with the emplyees, not natives to Australia, introducing Luren

Check this guy out, my favourite DJ right now, Kid Kenobi

As always, Osho has something good to say (even though i think he's now dead now, a dead guy is posting on Facebook, it's time to rewrite the bible and insert something about Osho, yes Jesus rose on the third day, but Osho is enlightening the world VIA Facebook from the internet!!!)


The present gives you the opportunity to dive deep into the water of life, or to fly high into the sky of life. But on both the sides there are dangers — ’past’ and ´future´ are the most dangerous words in human language. OSHO

If you are sad you are wrong; if you are joyful you are right. It has been almost a criterion to me that anybody who is sad, complaining, grumpy, is wrong — is bound to be wrong. He may find out thousand and one reasons why he is sad, I don´t accept. He is sad because he has not allowed his life to blossom. OSHO
I havent seen this link, but it's an Aussie song called 'My boomerang wont come back', , i like the name and it has to be worth clicking on!

A quote i read, but, how true
A wise man does not chatter with one whose mind is sick. Sophocles (496 BC-406 BC)
I got a mention from Janet, Janet says
' You get a special mention in my latest blog post ya crazy thing! Hows life with ya anyway? I miss ur crazy stories and phonecalls. Will have to set up a skype date soon!'
You see, Janet misses my phone calls, probably because I didn't call her at 3am, but then who would you call at 3am, if you queued up all night for a brand new G4 iPhone, it would be nice call someone, maybe a booty call, maybe text, except you might have to send the same message to 10 chicks to get laid (people related to you do not count)

And for the crazy stories? They weren’t crazy, they were just true, all too true, that is all and now I get a skype date because of that, just when I was considering being bi-sexual, all I have to do is be on the other side of the world, called people on an old fashioned landline and dropped truth bombs, I wonder would America ever consider dropping an odd truth bomb?
They’ve dropped everything else, Bill Clinton dropped his pants the odd time, talk about taking one for the team? A true hero!

Bill, what is he hiding in his pants?

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