Thursday, 12 August 2010

Slash and me......

'So, to recap, the week that's been and it's not over yet'

I wrote that first bit this morning, and had to do 'work', so now the hours have moved on since i typed that bit, and nothing else, the day aint over yet either, so let me gather my thoughts, what’s left of them and piece something together that might be somewhat 'readable'

Some old guy i met last night on the way to the gig asked me do you spell read with a 'r' or a 'w', i said you can spell it any way you want, you can put a tail on it too, if you like, apparently he was some Melbourne ledgened, some guy said he coached Carlton, Essendon and Melbourne a well know guy in Melbourne. I dont know i was sinking plenty of $6 Guinness to care.

So, today’s Thursday, yesterday was 'Wednesday', it was Wednesday all over the world, but more than that, for me.

Yesterday was the day I went to see Slash play his new stuff, now that I have, I think I can die a happy man, but more than that, let me explain.
This is from when Slash was last here

So, the plan yesterday was to go to the gym, drop the bag off in work, go to the gig, but yesterday in the am, I woke up, early and I made myself this promise, before I went to sleep, Tuesday (you getting this, you still with me?)

I said to myself (on Tuesday), if I wake up early tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll go to the gym, then I wont have to before I see Slash, so off I trotted to the gym yesterday before work.

Then as I went to go to the gym, before I the gig, I had a mini crisis, and it went like this, my brain said.

What are you doing? You can’t go to a gym before a gig are you mad? Go and drink some beer
So I did, and then I had some more and more and then I went to see Slash, it was excellent preparation, since I was in the area that didn't serve alcohol, I was nicely 'lubed up' for what was about to go down, which it did, Slash rocked.

He played a lot of his new stuff, plus all the stuff everyone wanted to hear, the lead singer was some guy called Myles Kennedy, never heard tell of the fella, but he was excellent.

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