Friday, 27 August 2010

Sometimes you’re a cat, sometimes you’re a cat in a bin

And to prove my point, click your mouse at this

So, my colleagues (if I had bad spelling that easily could have read 'my collages' or 'my colleges', but alas, no) are tired of my place of employment and specifically what they are employed to do, which is sometimes, nothing at all and if it's something, it something not very important.

But not me, I’m not tired at all, not yet anyways, I was recanting this with colleague Debbie yesterday as she was sucking the life out of a cigarette, I was telling her about the 'Louis Theroux' documentary about 'San Quentin' and how terrifying it looked, and one guy was in for 521 years, plus more, so I was saying, compared to that, I didn't mind coming to work at all. this is a holiday in comparison and I do get paid a lot, to do not very much and as they say in the old country, 'When the sun is shining, make hay', I’m currently sunning myself on the hay, watching everybody make the hay, is this such a bad thing?

Debbie’s response to my observation was, 'Yes, but your not a criminal Kieran', and I suppose she has a point, I might have stole a few hearts in my time, but nothing went to any court room, so any 'jail time' was averted and I’m a free man! Praise the lord!

In the documentary, they put one transsexual in a cell with a straight guy, and low and behold, they are like a married couple, the transsexual was on about how other inmates would try and drag 'her' into their cells, so as to try and make a home out of the cell, not that I’d be trying to drag any colleague away and make a home with them, it's never really crossed my mind, until now?

I really like not having to have lunch with this guy

But, I’ve already got a home and I like it the way it is, thank you very much, I think I’ll stay there and law abiding, for the time being anyways.

So, I suppose, that would make me a cat, sunning themselves and defiantly not in the bin, you never know where those bins have been anyways?

I was recanting this 'Cat in the bin' video story to Steward, my new neighbour/work colleague last night over $1 tacos and $5 pints, sur what else would you talk about?

I was telling him, that video is probably one of the most watched on the net or even world, now?

But Imagine if you will, for a moment, if that woman in the video was your mum or your auntie, and every cat lover, and some people with nothing better to do, saw that video and decided to spread some hate towards your mum, who, if I might add, might make great ham sandwitches and be perfectly normal, in every sense, except cat sense, horse sense and maybe a little bit of something common, which is not common at all?

Do you think he's a cat lover?
But on the positive side, and maybe being a touch 'upbeat', cats do have 9 lives and come to think of it '50 Cent' was shot 9 times, is there a connection there? Since my housemate and myself are rarely at home, I take the bins out every 3 weeks, so there is plenty of room in the bins, for rubbish of course

Further research has revealed the cat woman in the video is a good little church worker, and sings in a choir, if you don’t mind?

Maybe people should just mind their own business and should let sleeping dogs (and now cats) lie?

Peek a boo, i see you!!

Last night as I walked home, my neighbour cat ran down the road to meet him and gave him a 'meow' and went in the door with him, I had to laugh. The same cat sometimes gives me a 'meow' when he's hanging out by my place and I give him one back, like a regular 'Dr Doolittle', and doing little is what I do best; ask anyone that knows what's really going on!!

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