Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Thanks for the memories, not that i can remember them sometimes

So, I go and see Dave Noonan, Sandra, his lovely girlfriend, they are in a hostel in the bar, I was told in Southbank, by Mc Donald’s, they were in South Melbourne, by Mc Donald’s, what can I say? Don’t ask Irish guys for directions and Aussies love Mc Donald’s, they are everywhere, Mc Donald’s, Aussies too.

Dave Noonan was telling me about a voice mail I left him, after I had 1 too many free beers, courtesy of my place of employment, the voice mail goes on a while, and it's like I’m talking to him, from memory of last Saturday night, I’m going something like
'What are you doing with her, she's always holding you back, you should come out with me of Friday nights', blah....blah.

I say, 'Was it funny?', Dave waits a few seconds, 'It was', ok, and I’m in the clear, just about

One of the 'Chemical brothers' a dynamic duo, one from Cork and one from Kerry was telling me how he wanted a smoke off of an American, so in a typical Cork way he says
'Can I bum a fag?'
 The El Americano, takes a look at him, then looks down and says very loudly
'You wanna bum a fag?'
Like he's the biggest homosexual on the planet, the funny thing is, the comment made sense in the Cork accent and it made sense in the Americano lingo, but of course totally different meaning, but funny and I’m still laughing.

For all my sins on the weekend, I got to the Gym and had a somewhat recovery session in the Sauna, one of the Chemical brothers highly recommends the sauna as a hangover cure, me too. I sweated so much on Saturday, there wasn't much left to sweat out on the Sunday, but there I was.

Que mas, you say? I went to the Napier, pool, pints of Fat Yak with English Andy, pool and my favourite food right now, the Napier Steak sandwich, 10 out of 10 every time.

Fat Yak

'The Hawk' (Luke from Sydney) showed up, I met some guy from Derry called Sean, played pool, then it was back to mine, a smoke and then into the city to see the movie 'Inception', which was supposed to be good, I’m not sure, I think I was lacking in the zzzzzzzzzz department, so I proceeded to grab a few, and at an admittance of $17.50, it just might be the most expensive sleep I’ve ever had (on memory, did I tell you we had a smoke? Well I can’t remember much of that either, so much for memory)

Hey, my mind was the scene of many crimes, should i make a movie too?

Now Osho, try this for size

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