Monday, 2 August 2010

Week 5 and all is good, well, just about

As you know, or if you don’t know, listen up, I’ve been joined the Virgin Active club now 5 weeks and the results have been tremendous, my body mass can now be inserted into articles of clothing I would have discarded had I been brought up in a more affluent family, nothing was discarded, me included or left in baskets and bins outside opportunity shops for people to rummage through in their spare time, on the weekend, (some would have you believe that is stealing, how is it when it's outside an opportunity shop?)

Not sure what this video is about, we have Internet Explorer 6 at work, so i cant see it, maybe you'd like to enlighten me?

Seize the day, isn't that why god (your god, my god would have given me 4 fingers on each hand and a tail like a spider monkey) made 7 days, one for each of your finders, all 10 of them, with a 3 for a remainder.

Spider monkey

I never knew what to do with remainders and I don’t know what to do now, maybe you'd like to enlighten me? This wouldn't be a problem for inbred Tasmanians who have more or less 10 fingers, usually less, if some stories are to be believed, or is this a case for Fox Mulder from the X-files or am I just talking crap (and maybe thinking it, but not at the same time) at 11.36am on a Monday morning?

But let me continue. after a night out with the Wingman of the week, Fayez, ended up going to Bar Open, Yeah Yahs, I’m told it's good for bands, I really don’t know, I’ve only been in the place, when everyone is all drunk or trying to get drunk, but only to have a normal conversation.

After a bit of a restless sleep, it was Saturday, Saturday where did you come from? And since I’ve promised myself, I’d only take 1 day off from the Gym, it was off there I went, no excuses, they have sleep pods at the gym, I could sleep there, the pods were all booked out. such as life, but I had to pick up my ticket anyways for the gig, Black rebel motor cycle club and I bought another for 'The Eels' in two weeks, living in Melbourne is not without it's perks.

Later I went to the 'Black rebel motorcycle club' with Andy, an early gig, all over by 10pm, I would like to say I was impressed, by the gig and it was good in a way, but I wasn't all that impressed, but I’m glad I went, it was something different.

Andy wanted to go for a smoke after and that is always a good idea, so off we went to his humble abode to fashion a hand rolled cigarette, I rolled one too, it was like a regular arts and crafts class and the cat 'Blaze' (with a defective gene) looked on in wonder.

Afterwards I met up with Dave and Mr Australia (now better known as 'The Hawk', for his uncanny ability to be in a room and once someone he knows makes conversation, with a female, he will dominate/steal future discussion and probably a few kisses that are not his to boot), the punks today, got no respect, no respect I tell yea.

A Hawk, but not the Hawk

The Hawk (originally from Sydney) friends were down from Sydney and I don’t know why they even bothered coming to Melbourne, I said to his friends, 'Yeah, since he's moved down from Sydney, he's started to like girls', I got 2 of the blankest look, it was like looking into the eyes of a Lama, quite an experience indeed.

A Lama, look into my eyes, what do you see?

At one point I pointed up and said 'Look at that', the Hawk was all eyes, I had a sip of his beer, I did need a drink, Dave was very entertained, and there was a few more blank stared, I was like a blank stare receptor

The big (and crazy Chris) Scottish guy was there, I was calling him 'Ah, Pedro!', he seemed to find it amusing, Dave was very amused, after going to the 3rd place, it was time to depart the heart and go to where my house is.

Then tragedy struck, all the taxi's were booked up, I ended up walking out of the city, i had flashback of going home in Dublin, i swore a long time ago, i'd never live in Ireland again, it was all too much for me, I’m only glad where I live is walkable, but I wasn't in the mood for it, so too did Waterford Dave, 30 taxis passed him, he had to walk home to Burnley, of course it was all because the rugby people were out and Australia got hammered by the All blacks, in case your wondering?

The Napier Bar, the best bar food i have ever had

Sunday, I woke up wondering why my feet hurt so much and why my belly was full, flash backs of Hungry Jacks came back to me, so there was nothing for it, only to get 'Up and atom' and get a bit of retail therapy in Smith St, educate Andy about his local library, get free movies from said library, have the best steak sandwich, with Waterford Dave, educate the staff about the importance of potato wedges with the steak sandwich,, I was told to not to shoot the messenger, fair enough. It was even better before, I asked the bar man, 'Why change a winning team?' 'You were kicking goals before?', You can get Mc Donald chips anywhere!'

I retired early enough to watch movies, one being a Francis Ford Copilla (I was glad when it was over, he must of been smoking crack when he wrote the script) and Little Miss Sunshine on the bean bag, many beers, and a little something I got off Andy to watch the movie 'Baraka', maybe another night, I’ll get to that and maybe the movie too.

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