Monday, 16 August 2010

Welcome to the part of the show.......

.....where I try and put things back together, in my head at least.

So, things really began on Friday night, this is where it all started. I go to Waterford Dave’s place, the Hawk is there after making what he called Mexican, but I digress, we have a drink and go out, this is what you'd expect for a Friday night, the Hawk is keen, he tends to meet chicks when he's out with me and he's straight in dominating the conversation
An artists impression of the Hawk, in action
So we go to the Great Britain in Richmond, one of my favourite bars, there are 3 drunk chicks at the bar, I start taking to them, the Hawk moves in.

One of the chicks is a bogan, and proud of it too, I tell the girls, the Hawk is from Sydney, since coming to Melbourne, he's started to like girls.
Luke AKA 'The Hawk' asks the bogan where she's from, she says some suburb out in the burbs, he says 'Where's that'?, she says 'You'll know when you wake up in the morning', The hawk is interested, his eyes bulged, he tells us he's not interested, she say's some other lewd comment's, The Hawks eyes bulge, again, he still says he's not interested.
Something bogan
We leave them and go outside to the beer garden, later the bogan chick comes out, pretending to be looking for her friends, but she knows what she's looking for and she's straight in, myself and Dave, go back into the bar. Later the Hawk comes in and says, you weren’t going to leave without me, were you? We say, 'No, no', we were. He's keen to go, he says the bogan chick is crazy, he wants to leave, 5 minutes later, the bogan chick comes in, and says 'You weren't going to leave without me?', he says 'No, no', he was, at least he said he was, the bogan chick says, 'Aren’t you even going to buy me a drink?', meself and Dave bail and go to the next bar.

The Hawk proved himself on the field of battle once more, at least he's consistent. Myself and Dave go to the bar on the corner and met a few more natives.
I get talking to a chick from Elwood, Dave is there, the chick's friend wants to dance, I tell Dave to go and dance with her, while I talk to her friend, Dave says, 'I wouldn't fuck her', the 'Dancing with the stars' chick, says 'He just said he wouldn't fuck me?', to her friend, I’m thinking 'What’s going on here?' and that’s the end of that discussion. Moments later Dave pipes up.
'Right now, I’d fuck anything, I’d fuck the Bogan chick'
It was getting late, time to get out of Richmond, I stopped off in Yeah Yeah's on the way home, always Yeah Yeah's, never no no's.
Fayez was going to Pony after work, so I went too, met a chick there, at 7am, she tells me.
'I have work at 9am'
I get home on the tram, it's only a beautiful day and sleep, I wake up wondering if it's Saturday or Sunday, it was Saturday.
The Eels
So, I had to go to 'The Eels' on Saturday, at least that is what I thought, until I looked at the date, it was the 15th and I thought 'That’s strange, cos yesterday was the 13th', so a clever bit of arithmetic by a 'used-to-be-asthmatic' later, I deduce the gig was on the Sunday.

So yesterday, Sunday, I’m looking at the ticket, the address of the gig says 'The Palace theatre', Bourke St, I thought it was a place in St Kilda with a similar name, 'The Palais' and I was thinking if I went to St Kilda on Saturday, I would have been a day early and it the wrong side of town, I had to laugh, such is life.

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