Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wisdom teeth, stay where you are please.

Myself and my Kiwi (true playas) coffee makers
Now, you know this, I know this, but let me remind you of something we already know.

I am a reformed character, somewhat, and to prove this point, the whole point being, this health craze I’ve being going on with, and it's going, still.

I had a dentist appointment last night, I showed the dentist guy my letter from the dentist, the highly rated on in Cork, that the parents that think he's god's gift to people with teeth and maybe some canines types too?

I had my teeth x-rayed, he showed me them on a computer, all is good, he said that, i could see that (i think), tragedy has been averted, I don’t need a wisdom tooth out, I was beginning to like this dentist, I just need to brush the teeth a bit more, maybe in the morning time, exactly when I don’t usually bother giving them a brush, are you with me so far?
Good. But I might need the wisdom tooth out in 4 years, hey, you can’t win them all.

Now after doing that, going home for my health card and going back to the dentist to swipe the 'Magic card', hey presto, I only have to pay $100, my health care pays $150, then I was off to the gym. Business as usual. I'm in the wrong business, not that it matters, it's too late now and if I was any good at doing my sums and books in school, what was going on out in the school yard was far too entertaining, that being the birds landing for bits of bread, maybe I should have applied as an aircraft control? I did have an interest in that sort of thing, but birds do tend to avoid each other, so I didn't have too many disasters or investigations, maybe peering eyes from a middle aged woman through her reading glasses.

Now, I’m coming home last night, strolling, the tunes are going, this is all very good, I decide to do some shopping, so I go to an Asian store, opposite the flats where they found 3 million in heroin, money and other 'goodies', 20 million all up, thats a lot, even for Jay-Z

'I like Chinese' as Monthy Python would say, I really do, then I wanted juice, so it's off to the supermarket I go for that, still walking, a tram pulls up, it is passing my house, it is, all I have to do is hop on, brain says, 'No, no, do the shopping thing and you wont have to do anything for the week', on I trudge, like a donkey weighed down, coal, thinking of that 'Nock off carrot at the end of the rainbow', is that even a story, yet? Do donkeys get knock off carrots even?

I got a smile like this guy now!

I get the juice, and since Brunswick St and Johnston St, being where it is and my bladder being what it is, was and ever shall be, I really needed to pee. So what to do? I go to Gypsy bar, exactly what I used to do, and I did it, and since I know people there, peeing, in the allocated location, is never a problem, for me or anyone else. And that's what I do, in I go, I know half the bar, but now I go to the gym, as to not spend too much money, get fit, and all the rest of it, but there is always live music on and that's not bad either and it's entertaining, I meet a few new regulars, I do the 'I used to come here all the time', bit. I meet Tara, Dave from Waterford friend, she's going to the gym every day too, she's fitting into her black jeans, this is good news to her and I know what she means, the jeans!

But let me tell you what I bought, the essentials, rice crackers, 2 packets, 3 big bag if crisps, 2 salt and vinegar and deodorant, that I cant find now (that’s the 2nd time in a week that I’ve bought deodorant that I can’t find). In the Asian place I bought a Kilo of pickled ginger, miso soup packets. Maybe I need all the wisdom teeth I can get?

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