Tuesday, 28 September 2010

And i've got a passion........

I've been saying it for a long time, this writing is the thing that keeps me sane and Ozzy's 'Diary of a madman' comes popping into my head?

So on Sunday, I heard the most excellent classical guitar while sitting in the sun outside Gypsy bar, while I was getting stuck into a few bloody Marys, or negotiating them towards my beak. I did it well too. However you would like to phrase it?

Later, on his break the guitarist (he played most excellent music by composers I listened to when I was about 17) asked me,
'What do you do, what’s your passion?'
To which I could reply 'I write', for it's something I do every day, I’m doing it right now, and you are what you do on a daily basis', to which you could probably 'Expand' this idea, you could do it, but you probably wont, so let me do it for you and say
'Hey, I go to the toilet every day'. Am I a piece of crap?
You might do your number 1's and 2's, damn, add that shit up! Where's a calculator when you really need one? And what was Hendrix on about with the whole, 'If 6 way 9?', was he smoking too much, am I not not smoking enough? Who has the answers?

Will someone tell Google, so I can be enlightened, please? It's not going to happen if I sit under a tree, that just doesn't work anymore.

Sitting under a tree time?

You are what you eat, I’m an apple or banana in the mornings, Japanese curry in the afternoon, Asian in the evening, noodles in a pot with 2 eggs and a lot of chilli, the hotter the better and cooked in under 10 minutes, with maybe a steak night thrown in, cheap pizza at the local some other night (that doesn't look like pizza at all!)

It's a pizza base with stuff plopped up on it, that you can eat, but forget trying to get a slice of that in your head of yours. Since we get fruit at work, I usually get stuck into that too, more so in the evenings, after the gym in fact (if this was speed dating, would I be making a good impression, so far?)

Reader, are you going to eat the rest of that burger? No? Thanks, I’ll have that, so I’m that too, all of the above and what ever you don’t eat too, maybe? What else you got in that bag for me?
I called over to Waterford Dave last night, in fact it was a quest that took up most of my night, he lives on the other side of town, I had to go and get my gym bag, I left it there on Friday night, before going out in his hood (make no joke about un-circumcised people) with himself and the Eagle, Friday night, part 1 in a crazy weekend.

It's a poor excuse for not going to the gym, not having that bag, but since I didn't feel like going to the gym anyways, and who would believe?
'The dog ate it'
Especially since there is a dog and it's a poodle, there's no point on extending this truth here?

Yarra river

So, a walk along the Yarra was the next best option, at least it was something, something romantic too, and since it's indirectly on the way to Dave's place and I had the time, make way there people, here I come and I went. Maybe a walk and a tram ride would do me good? And it did, and it goes on, continue.......

Boston Legal

Dave's 'passion' is watching Boston legal and avoiding girls he's consummated a bit of love with on a Saturday night, especially if they are horny, we watched one episode of Boston Legal, not my thing really, I wont be doing it again, or so I thought?

But some comments from my soon to be ex-house mate Naomi, might tempt me to give it another try, the episodes are VERY random, I watched one, that I get, that I get, your allowed to watch any series once, in my book, there should be more of that, the randomness that is, so maybe it's not so bad after all. I'm all about random, and Japanese food at 12pm and Gym every day after work. No exceptions. Yeah, me, real random me boy! Not!

Maybe I could work an Osho teaching into this, somewhere, just to make sense of it all, maybe this?

'Remember one basic thing: unless the pattern of your mind is thrown away, unless you are "de-patterned", unless your conditioning is thrown away and you are de-conditioned, you will not know what reality is ― you will know only interpretations. Those interpretations are the workings of your own mind.

Un-patterned reality is the only reality. And this technique is to help you to un-pattern, to de-condition, to dissolve from the mind the words that have gathered there. You cannot look because of them. Whatsoever looks real to you let it be dissolved. '
Which is funny, because one of the main reasons I wanted to learn Spanish was to think in a new way, un learn my previous way of learning, my old way was not the way forward, I’m thinking I might have picked a good example after all?
Steward's commnent on this was...
'I think it is actually a parody.'
And I’ve got a passion.......for one handed clapping?

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