Wednesday, 22 September 2010

And the nomination goes to....

I recieved this mail
Hi All,
It's that time again!
If you would like to nominate one of your AMI collegues this month for their great work, please email me by Wednesday COB outlining the reasons why you think the person you're nominating should be recognised in line with SP AusNet's core values - Safety, Passion, Integrity, Teamwork & Excellence. The nominations will be discussed and a presentation will be made at the AMI Morning Tea this Friday.
Thanks & Kind regards,

I replied with the following, nominating my ex-team leader

Hi Marisa
You could give Stephen Tidac an award for his tirelessly approach to the release 1.2 project, i personally would give him a Brownlow medal, but that's just me i guess?

Some of the qualities you might want to be made aware of would be:
  • Steve showed tremendous 'courage under fire', he might have fought for the French foreign Legion?
  • Wasn't afraid to work long hours or ask other's to do the same
  • He was very much reports driven, just like me. Steve did a lot of reports and still does, i imagine? 
  • He wasn't afraid of tackling people or issues no matter who or where they were (god would have feared his wrath)
  • He encouraged social activities, even promoted them in the team i.e. Bowling
  • Wasn't afraid to emote and show his personal side i.e. a girlfriend all the way in Ireland (convenient or what?) 
  • Half then time Steve never understood any English (should this not be a requirement of working here?)
  • For Passion i would say he must of spent an hour a day in a beauty salon having his hair done, his hairstyle looks like it could have been designed in Paris and manufactured in Germany!
  • Steve never made any Safety observations, so you might want to deduct him a point here

I'm looking forward the AMI Morning Tea this Friday, will we need to bring our own tea bags?
If i can think of any more of Stephen's 'qualities', I'll be sure and let you know.

Kieran O'Callaghan
Now, needless to say:
  •  I Bcc'd my ex-team leader, i spelled his name wrong in the 'nomination', on purpose, he wasn't too happy about that, i could deny it was about him, that name does not exist on the system!
  • He mailed the HR chick i mailed it to, only to tell he to dis-regard my nomination?
  • A couple of hidden jokes included the 'social activities', he pestered me to organise bowling, in the end, no one wanted to go, my fault? I think not?
  • He kept telling me he couldn't understand me, half the time, the other times, he doesn't want to understand
  • Apparently the HR chick didn't know what way to take the 'Nomination', can you believe that?

Everyone i Bcc'd it to thought it was calss, what's the problem i asks yea?

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