Thursday, 2 September 2010

Because he cant do a little, because he can't do enough

For the lack of something better to do...…or anything at all, since all this writing is usually the highlight of my day and since it’s been pretty uneventful day (minus the Bento box for lunch I had in Don dons, that was awesome!) since I left the gym + sauna this morning at 8.45am to get the tram to work.

Bento box, it's a little bit fancy (not the actual bento box)

I had to leave at this time as my tram ticket was set to expire at 9am and I didn’t want a run in with a ticket inspector at 9.07am and get a ticket, but at least it would have been eventful, no?

Kieran gets a Cho choo to work (actual tram)

The girl on reception as I went out the door of the gym did wish me a good day, and I wished her one too, so I think I’ll dedicate these words to her.....and me, ok so, her and me (brain says,
'Which girl was she again?'  there are many girls, 'It doesn’t matter brain, they are all nice') and like this, on it goes.
Let us start with a, so what did you do last night Kieran? This is usually a good place to start, something always happened that I can report in a (my way) favourable way, fashion.

[Kieran thinks’ and after about 30 seconds, and much wincing, I could be a spectator looking at a 'No ball' foul in a cricket match, but no I’m trying a total recall on for size]
Another famous 'Total recall'
I remember, I went to the Gym last night, but no that was yesterday morning, think brain, think!!

Last night, I............ finished work and went to the Vietnamese noodle soup the Mekong on Swanston St and then......................, and then I went to see Mary Poppins musical….again, that's it. Here we go boys and girls!!!

Mary, Mary, Mary....and me?

But first, let me explain why I went twice.

So, me being me. I remember a kids TV show, from my youth, called 'HR Puffin stuff', the main jingle at the time wouldn't make much sense to a kid, but now, since I’m experiencing 'Total recall', it went
'...... he cant do a little, because he can't do enough'
HR, himself

And I just can’t do enough, enough of the things I like, that’s it really.
When I find things I like, that's how I feel, I just need more and Mary Poppins is on of 'those' things, so, I got a ticket and in the words of the late Hunter S. Thompson,
'If you buy a ticket, you take the ride'
, I got the ticket and the rest is history.
Tasmania, many will tell you it's lucky to have a map of Tassie in your bedroom, if you want to get laid (guys, take note)

Now, I was sitting next to high school kids from Tasmania, screaming ones, the Beetles could have been playing screaming, I was sitting next to a guy from the screaming girls class, that was embarrassed by them, and kept apologising for them, I understood, after the interval I was sitting next to their teacher, I said, ‘You changed into a woman, you must have more tricks than Mary Poppins’.

Another resident of Tasmania

I told the teacher that the screaming bit usually wears off with girls (not that I would know) over the years, maybe when they're 50 they might 'settle down', they were from Tasmania, so there's no guarantees there either?
One of my favourite comments in the show was
‘She looks like something that would eat it’s young’
A classic!!

The Mary Poppins show was well worth seeing it again, especially from another angle, and another angle you say?

I need to make it rain these things
Hmmm, if I had $100 to spend and spend, I would do it, gladly. But alas, I’m after booking flights back to the old country for the wedding even of the year, stopping off in Malaysia for 6 weeks, I might go to Thailand for a bit, maybe Vietnam, Hanoi?

I do have fond memories of these places and a $100 would go a long way there, good value, and that was another thing, the difference between what something’s 'worth' and 'value', with money, the value is how you spend it, it was funny, from my obstructed view before and this time where I was looking down, I saw a lot more that I couldn’t really see before, and it was awesome, really.

Too cool for school and those kids form Tasmania were on a school excursion, maybe times are a changing, not that I would know. The only thing I do 5 times a week are (a lack of) work and gym.

And that’s, what I did, not bad I think, since I didn't have anything to write about, when i started writing in the first place?

The other thing i remember reading was the profile of a roller derby chick chick, her motto was 'Rulez are for foolz', i like

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Diana said...

I just heard a podcast about how Tasmanian devils were getting lots of tumours on their faces, and all the tumours had the exact same genetic makeup, so it's basically like a contagious cancer. Poor little guys!

(P.S. my recaptcha word verifciation thing says "porking"!)

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