Monday, 6 September 2010

Big waters were forcasted and now you get this

Where to start? Start at the start, so continuing from before, before being Friday night, the last one.

Bless me reader for I have sinned, it was been 3 daze, since I last did writing, fighting, biting?
So, Friday, big waters were forecasted, clouds were black, it looked ominous, parks Victoria were telling people to avoid parks, I was thinking about building an Ark, self preservation was going to be my number 1 priority.

Since I was fore warned about the downpour, I went to the gym and pretty much gave up any idea of going out, a quiet night in, watching the footy on the TV and behaving myself and I did, I was thinking about going to bed and hopefully sleeping around midnight and then.........

English Andy called me, he wanted to come around and have a smoke and recant what happened with his night and for what I remember, he went to see a band, and they were good. The fans of theirs band were very excited, Andy was bringing 2 pints from the bar to his mate and due to the excited fans jumping like Mexican beans (the jumping kind of course) he knocked the beer and lost his mate, this in Andy world is 'Bang out of order', knocking beer that is, so Andy was a little bit tipsy, as result of a night out in the town, which would make you wonder if the jumping fans were not in actuality doing him a favour in limiting the alcohol in his system, since he wasn't doing much of a job of it himself?

So, as you can see, I was blessed that Andy would choose me, when all hope (and beer) was lost in the world

So, off we go to watch the Pogues cover band, called 'Streams of whiskey', they were playing at my local, now I can say I saw them, but I only saw them pack up, I might have to see them again, luckily for me, they are playing next week, same time, same bat channel, in the town formally known as 'Batmania', for the month of September.

So, as it turns out, Andy’s missus calls him, on the blower, and the plot thickens, Andy went to a gig with his misses, in the city, he lost her in the crowd, he tried calling her, her phone was off, so Andy jumps in a taxi, makes a pit stop at his place for smoking materials and comes to my place, we are in the Royal Derby and now his missus is looking for him and she herself was in a taxi coming to us, 2 for the price of 1, was it my lucky night?

Continuing the story, we are playing pool, Andy is conversing/heckling the 2 native males as they negotiate the playing surface with their pointy sticks. One guy gets 2 balls in (that's what she said last night) and Andy is saying, 'Come on my son, back it up, back it up', which would of been funny, if Andy knew them, which he didn't and I didn't know how the natives would take this advice. They seemed to understand and that’s all you need sometimes, understand? And maybe the gentle loving touch of a woman, speaking of which, 'The bird' rocks up, Andy’s that is and in she comes to discuss her 'Abandonment issues'

She was telling me, 'Oh yeah, in Andy’s world, things are never his fault, like how come there is piss on the carpet Andy?', Oh, I laughed, I laughed, very understanding, indeed, what more do you need?

I got home, the big rains, that weren’t all that big after all came, so next week, I hope to see the Pogues cover band set up and play and if they are any good, I might carry an amp or 2 to the van, but I’m not guaranteeing anything, understand?

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